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Ghosn to hold press conference in mid-April or later: lawyer


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Carlos case is internal its nature that supposes settle within board not in public.

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Carlos case is internal its nature that supposes settle within board not in public.

Mr.Ghosn has been indicted by a Public Prosecutor, and faces a public trail.

It is now very public by nature.

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His so-called ‘press conference’ will be a very well corriographed and edited speech that is going to take at least a month to prepare.

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can't wait to see. "board meeting if court gives approval". seems like an impossible move since

court, prosecutors, and nissan are the same team. good luck ghosn.

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He is allowed to attend board meetings at Nissan if the court gives approval.

Which, of course, it won't. The sentence should read "Ghosn is forbidden from attending board meetings without court approval (which will never be given)".

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Nissan has many worries that they have to ban Carlos Ghosn from meeting any of Nissan staffs. But this is Japanese way of blocking out information and isolating a person of power. From this action , we can see , what kind of company , Nissan is. Big outside but small & petty inside. No more investment in Nissan. Thank god , we found out who Nissan have as it is saikawa, that have to protect himself.

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