Cat found strangled in parking lot in Chiba


Police in Ichikawa, Chiba Prefecture, said a cat was found strangled in a parking lot on Friday. The cat’s neck was broken and its head and legs were tied to the railing of a fence in the parking lot, Fuji TV reported.

According to police, the cat was discovered at around 7 a.m. by a local resident. Police said the cat appeared to have been strangled with a thin cord.

Police said they are examining street surveillance camera to try and determine who brought the cat to the parking lot.

There was no collar on the cat which police believe was a stray.

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Fingers crossed as its a parking lot the CCTV will find the perp asap before he moves onto humans, hazarding a guess it was a teenage boy.

RIP poor cat.

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usually this depressing news is family members, and as an animal lover, I'm happy it was a feral cat and not a husband, wife, mother etc. feral cats exist cause people just throw their rubbish in the street. family is more important.

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Goodlucktoyou: o_O?

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@Goodlucktoyou: Given that torture of animals usually precedes torture of humans, showing happiness is premature of you. Not to mention callous.

This is a cruel, vicious person, who needs to be stopped before they do it again and again.

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i have a pet cat and today paid 8000 yen for care. i had to wait for 40 mins because of many pet cats. had to spend 2 hours with mother. she has insurance, cat doesn't.

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Goodlucktoyou - How far are you from Ichikawa? Hmm.

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Even feral cats understand the relationship between humans and cats. One of my cats was a stray... four years later, one could never imagine that he used to be feral.

It takes someone less than human to torture a defenseless animal.

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I sure wouldn't want to be a stray cat in Chiba. Lots of them being tortured and killed.

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I'm happy

You're happy???!!!! What the

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