Cat's severed head found on baseball mound in Hokkaido park


Police in Rumoi, Hokkaido, said Tuesday that the severed head of a cat was found on a baseball mound in a park on Monday night.

Police said the grisly discovery was made by members of a youth baseball club who had come to the park to practice, TBS reported. The cat's body was nowhere in sight, and there was no blood around the head, police said.

Police said they are looking at street surveillance camera footage to see if they can identify the person who brought the cat's head to the park.

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Well, it's definitely a statement of something, an act of wanton cruelty in a highly visible place.

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Serial killer in the making or an (old) geezer that doesn't like the sound of kids playing yakyuu?

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I don't know, Aaron Loki Burmmett,

leaving it on the pitcher's mound of a baseball field where it will a) certainly be found, and b) be certain to cause a great emotional reaction and much consternation among a large number of people seems to me to be a pretty involved strategy: That would be one high-level raccoon. (Of course, it could be coincidence…)


Yeah, that's the best policy, me too. It's not just the weirdos who abuse for fun, there's a very low level of empathy for animal life here, and lots of ppl think strays are a nuisance and will abuse them in the hopes they go away (hot water, kicking, etc) They won't know it is your pet or a stray. So keep em safe inside.

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Not enough info in this story. Maybe it was a groundhog that killed the cat. They do feed on domestic animals. As sick as it sounds the raccoon will rip the head offs its prey and leave the head while eating the rest of the body. If they really want to find the body of the poor cat then they need to dig! Raccoons hide their "winnings" underground.

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Sounds like a new serial killer may be about to be born.

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Sociopath behavior is pretty clear, they need to find whomever did this in case they get bored of cats and escalate their behavior and moving on to larger victims.

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My cats are purely housecats. Too many weirdos out there.

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This is a lot of much worse crimes in the making. And, poor cat.

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Children who torture and kill animals are more likely to go on to commit greater acts of violence against people. Psycopathic murderers often have this in their past, apparently.

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I'd like to find the person who did this, somehow convince him/her to make a confession to the crime and record it for the cops and the court. I have a bunch of other stuff to say about punishment, but maybe I'd better leave it at that.

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Some people are just beyond sick.

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I don't like cats that much... but why????

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Crazies here seem to have a regular issue with felines...

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