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Nihon University chairman arrested for tax evasion


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The board chairman at one of Japan's largest universities, embroiled in a breach-of-trust case with a former board member, was arrested Monday for allegedly evading about 53 million yen ($468,000) in income tax.

Waiting for the investigations and prosecutions for the several LDP bigwigs listed in the Panama Papers. There has sure been a lot of global three monkeys action on those revelations. Tanaka is just a medium-sized fish , tainted, and will be used an example to the masses to pay your taxes.

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Are bribes legal in Japan?

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You can be sure he isn’t the only one.

In fact, it’s a prerequisite for each University to have at least one person to embezzle something at some point in time in Japan.

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Business as usual in Japan.

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That’s undeclared income, is he in detention? Are they questioning him? I sure hope he is barred from talking to friends and family. What facility is he being held at?

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Are bribes legal in Japan?

No, they are not. But they are legal in the West. It is called endowments.

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Yes as indicated above Nihon U. is famous for being intimately affiliated with the yakuza.

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I asked about the bribes because the charges are not that he was bribed, that he was not charged with that and only charged for not paying taxes on them.

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Yes as indicated above Nihon U. is famous for being intimately affiliated with the yakuza.

Suspicious claim is suspicious.

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allegedly evading about 53 million yen in income tax.

We must remember allegedly means not guilty until proven guilty regardless if Japan thinks it is guilty until you prove your innocence

Prosecutors did not disclose who gave him the kickbacks.

Sure sure but the let the following leak or told it at the same time to form public opinion of guilt.

Inoguchi and Yabumoto have been indicted for breach of trust

The two have admitted to paying tens of million yen each to Tanaka

It is not unusual for Japanese people to have cash on hand since the banks here do not give you anything for having savings with them but like to charge you for taking money out. (at least it used to) although 100mill is a little more than I have on hand but I have heard of people having much more.

More than 100 million yen was found at Tanaka's home during raids in connection with the case.

I have no idea if he is guilty or not and he will likely buckle under "interviews" and admit his guilt and be prosecuted and given a small fine and ordered to pay some tax (all of it will likely = 100mill yen) but we probably won't hear anymore about this again.

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You mean the chap who FIVE YEARS AGO was pegged by Western media as a known Yakuza associate isn't squeaky clean?


I'm shocked - shocked - to learn that the man might be a crook.

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This is not an isolated case, I'm sure.

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He must have seriously pissed off a few of his mates for them to decide to take him down like this. Like others have said, he was a well known crook. Finally, done for "tax evasion". Yeah, right.

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That dust swept under the carpet sooner or later will expose itself! Busted.

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Sounds a bit Al Caponish.

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Reckless, I've met the same sort of people. When they get into education, that comparatively speaking, does not have that much money, everything goes straight to heck.

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