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Chiba convenience store robbed of Y1 mil


A robber got away with 1 million yen from a small supermarket in Funabashi, Chiba Prefecture, on Monday morning, police said.

According to police, a man entered the 24-hour Big-A store at around 2 a.m. NTV reported that he threatened the two employees with a cutter knife and demanded they open the safe. After putting about 1 million yen in a bag, the man then put the two employees in a cold storage room and fled.

Police said the two employees were able to free themselves and were unharmed.

The robber is described as being in his 20s, about 170 cms tall, of thin build and was wearing a long-sleeved blue shirt, black hunting cap and white face mask.

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The store had 1 million yen on hand? For a small store, they must do really well.

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Big A Discount stores are not small

I was just going by the article which described it as a small supermarket. However, 1 million yen would not be unusally high for an average sized supermarket. In fact, I believe most probably make more in a day.

Depending on the staff I would imagine they could fend off a person with cutter knife but maybe the store policy is not to fight back.

The safest course of action is not to fight back. Money cannot replace a life.

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Where's Chibatman

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Both of the local Big As in my area are manned in the wee hours by no more than three older guys, most of whom look in less-than-optimal health. So I doubt they'd resist anybody threatening them harm. Yeah, they probably could resist a guy with a cutter knife...or just laugh in his face and until he left in shame. But why take the risk?

It's up to Big A to beef up security and protect their workers, not the other way around.

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Wouldn't it be easy to install an alarm system like SECOM where you push or step on a hidden button and hope for the cavelry to come?

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"he threatened the two employees with a cutter knife"

That's it, no more easy access to cutter knives!

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was one of those employees a manager or did those employees seriously have the combination to the money safe?

it'd be better to have a drop safe. employees and managers don't get the combination, just unique number IDs and a password to drop money in the slot. only the store's owner would be capable of opening such a safe, so if the boss isn't on the clock, a careless robber who didn't do his research would get nothing or just what's in the registers. however when you have a drop safe, the amount of cash inside registers would never exceed ¥20,000, or an amount that is just enough to make change. it's not a solution without flaws but it's a definite theft deterrent.

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I say this I will work for a living if I have to at a convenience store and if a robber came in I will give him everything he wants including the cash register even if he has a box cutter! I am not protecting a stores cash or contents when it comes to my life the store can make more money, I only have one life. So if you want to be super man and go against a crazed guy with a box cutter be my guest, I just hope I don't have to read about you here. Be safe not sorry or Dead!

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This really worries me, my wife works night shifts at Big-A and this is the 3rd time they hit a Chiba store!

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Chimpira "punks" at it again huh- the GPS tracking device should lead the cops right to 'em.

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