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Chiba man arrested for inserting needles into food at convenience store


A man in Chiba has been arrested for inserting needles into bakery items at a convenience store.

According to police, the man, who has been named as 28-year-old Tomoya Nagaki, was arrested after it was discovered that he had bought 4-cm long needles from a 100-yen store and inserted them into bread on sale at a convenience store in Nagareyama, TV Asahi reported Friday.

Nagaki, who was identified through security camera footage, is suspected of putting needles into products in at least eight convenience stores in the area.

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Sadly, I fear his punishment will not fit the crime. This could have had lethal consequences, but because there were no injuries he could only be charged with being a public nuisance. I wish that being a crazed loon was an offense.

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Quack ! What sick fantasy or reasoning led him to do this ?

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If you let evil reside in your mind, then evil actions come out of you.

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Reminds me of growing up in Detroit.

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needle in the noodle...

good that he is locked...

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What I don't understand is, if such people are attention seekers, why don't they get attention by doing something nice, like putting 500 yen coins into buns. Then everybody is happy. You're eating your snack and, 'Hey, I just found 500 yen!' Everybody wants to buy those buns! The shop is happy, the manufacturer is happy because sales rocket. When they discover who did it, everybody thinks, ' Wow! what a great bloke!'

7 ( +8 / -1 )

@Hackney Putting ¥500 coins into buns is 'something nice'? My money-grabbing dentist would second that.

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Feed him bread with a long pin inside.

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28-year-old. You have spoiled your life.

3 ( +3 / -0 )

Likely he's already been spoiled most of his life.

4 ( +5 / -1 )

He will now say he did it because he was feeling stressed out from work.

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He is charged for 偽計業務妨害 (gikei gyoumu bougai). It only carries a maximum sentence of less than 3 years or a fine of 500,000 YEN or less. The laws need to be changed.

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Just what is wrong with some people? Even if I'm the most pissed/depressed in the world I don't feel the desire to harm others. Some people are just outright evil!

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He is charged for 偽計業務妨害 (gikei gyoumu bougai).

That means "fraudulent interference with someone's duty" which seems to suggest his motive was to ruin the business either of the stores or the manufacturers. Maybe, the police should add "wilful endangerment to life" to the charge.

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It's a mental illness ? Last week, one of my neighbors (50 yr old ossan) has been to spread a little amount of gomi at the doorstep of one of the shops on 1st floor (used as a office). We have the screen shots from the security camera. That's not his first time doing the weirdo. He is not the only one as another guy was doing his walk with a sort of pin in hand, to carve scratches on the cars. So this one with food...

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There's people who are so deppressed and frustated about their own lifes that wants to make other people suffer as much as them. That's the root of bullying, rudeness and even violent acts against others. The only thing we can do if we got these feelings is look for professional help and learn to control our them, thinking about the consecuences and about the fact that even it's normal to feel frustrated sometimes is not nobody's fault.

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How hard is it to get past the age of 28 without going to jail? Jesus Christ.

And in the end there were reports that needles were found in these food items but no reports that anyone had bitten into them or been injured by them. The obvious, but sick and twisted, goal would be to read on the news that someone had been injured by your needles.

When that doesn’t happen and you end up in jail anyway, it’s exactly the same thing as walking into a Koban and firing a few live rounds into the floor.

No one gets injured, you gain no sick satisfaction from anything you’ve done, and you go to jail for a long time. Exactly the same result.

If your own meaningless life is over either way, stick those needles into your eyeballs instead of into others’ food. At least that way you’ve gained some small level of righteousness, having sacrificed yourself instead of others.

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He must really "hate" all people. A child could've eaten the needles. This person needs punishment so that he will never do something like this again.

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what a dog!

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i wanna know whats the punishment he's gonna get

i fear it'll be real weak since no one was actually hurt

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This morning on the news they mentioned that they found needles again, so a copy cat? the wrong guy? a group of "needle pushers"?

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Glad he was arrested. Now I can see the convenience store cashier getting irritated with me when I squeeze and fold all bread items before I decided to purchase them.

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