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Chiba student hit on back of head by unidentified attacker on bike


Police said Wednesday they are looking for a man who assaulted a 21-year-old female university student in Chiba.

According to police, the girl was walking near Nishi-Chiba Station at around 4:30 p.m. on Tuesday when a man riding a bicycle struck her on the head from behind with a hard, blunt object. NTV reported that the victim sustained an injury to the right side of her head from which doctors say it will take around four weeks to heal.

Police described the attacker as being a young man, wearing a deep blue colored hoodie and a hat.

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a man riding a bicycle struck her on the head from behind...the victim sustained an injury to the right side of her head

He's a lefty?

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What a freak. Of course, hitting a girl and hitting her from behind is the prefered way of small-limbed, insecure POS. Despicable, but I guess that is the only way for such a little man to feel all big and mighty...:(


That is just sick and weird. Whoever would think of kicking a baby stroller must have some serious issues. Hope you both are OK.

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Fuji Network News are reporting that someone carried out a similar (on a bike/blunt instrument) attack the previous day at 5pm near Keisei Chiba station. The victim suffered minor injuries in the 1st attack. So same MO, near railway stations 2km apart at similar times of day. Looks like this thug is on a spree. The cops have released some CCTV photos of the guy; hopefully they'll pinch him soon.

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In Japan if you seen this happen would you legally be OK to knock this guy off his bike and make a citizens arrest?

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"Sickos everywhere these days"

It hasn't been just recently, they've been around for a long time, and they will continue to walk among us! Beware!

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jpn really has a lot of these drive-by whacks by whackjobs

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I got kicked by a yob on a bike in November, right outside a koban in Ueno and the guy (in a face mask of course) just sped off. These idiots don't seem to care about anything. Neither did the uniformed muppet standing outside his box.

I hope the girl recovers soon...

Don't they have a name for this? Recreational violence or something?

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There are some proper nutters about. At Christmas i was walking my baby in the pushchair in Kichijoji, some Japanese guy cycled passed on the pavement and intentionally kicked the pushchair and sped off. I turned to give chase but soon stopped in my tracks realizing the push chair would be left unattended. There was nothing else I could do other than scream blue murder down the street after him and he know it.

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All these attacks being reported seem a little strange. I guess lucky this wasn't another stabbing.....

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Hmmm... well, I guess it beats a stabbing, although it sounds like she was hit pretty hard. Sickos everywhere these days! Hope they catch him, and that she recovers perfectly.

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Kimuzukashiii - I'll ride past you on a bike and smack you in the head with a hard blunt object and see how much you remember. OK?

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I dunno ... the inner ”everyone is nice really” in me wants to think it was just an accident.. that he maybe just accidentally smacked her round the head with his backpack or something.

Shonen Batto is bad ><

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It's not strange at all kimuzu, it's quite typical for the victims of Shonen Batto to get hit badly but without death or permanent damage.

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This sounds too strange .. were there any witnesses to say that it was definitely a deliberate attack?

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COWARD!!! Come on, why so many cowardly attacks??? I hope they get to find this piece of .... soon!!!

4 ( +5 / -1 )

omg... Did they say a young man, wearing a hat, on wheels, randomly hit someone with a blunt object and took off!? Shonen batto?!

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Poor young lady will be scared to walk alone for a while. Hope they catch this looney soon.

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