Chilean suspect jailed in France over investigation into murder of Japanese student


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Hello. He faces 30 years or lifetime in prison. But his family got money, they hired one of the top 10 french attorney to avoid him maximum prison sentence. His attorney defended french former president Sarkozy, Liliane Bettencourt, french former president Jacques Chirac, former Vivendi executive Jean-Marie Messier ...

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Hello. The French justice will take the right decision.

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Wow, what an AWESOME pose, I hate to be the one messing around with these guys LOL.

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If he makes it to Japan which I doubt!? he may be executed if found guilty by the French courts.

It looks like the French prosecutors are determined to put him away for life.

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The guy looks treated like VIP but goes to police cage.

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"" even though their romantic relationship had ended. He said they had consensual sex.""

We all know how vulnerable young women are when living abroad and alone, It would't surprise me at all if this is NOT his only victim!??? He probably has done it before but did not result in death!

I would hope that the French police investigates him thurley.

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These guys look like real policeman, as opposed to the boys/old men you see playing policemen in Japan.

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No body, hard to convict.

I don't understand why wait to put him into prison if he is not answeri g simple questions like what he was doing in the woods alone with a hired car just before leaving France.

French justice is too lax in a way but at least he won't come back home before a number of years.

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even though their romantic relationship had ended. He said they had consensual sex.

Be careful with that one. My mother ended her romantic relationship with her crazy ex several times and married him TWICE. Romantic relationships often restart. Plus, whatever their determination of the relationship ending is, its not for her being directly questioned. That simply does not count as good evidence.

Manteau predicted a trial could be held next year.

That's a long time to be in custody awaiting trial especially since the police and prosecution have had four years to investigate. What are they doing to get out of a man declaring his innocence that is going to take until next year to have ready for trial?

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Finding the body would definitely help to put him behind the bar....but with French justice, 30 years soon become 15 years or less for good attitude.

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The Professional, aka Leon pose before the storm.

I hope he gets life sentence. Money shall not protect you more than a poor.

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What is unfortunate is that several students actually heard cries of terror and distress from her room, yet did nothing about it. This allowed this scumbag to murder her and then dispose of her body.

Another sicko who couldn't take no for an answer from a woman.

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From another news article, Zepeda apparently bought bleach and lighter fluid on his way to her apartment the night she went missing. That should be enough evidence that he's guilty.

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From another news article

Bleach, Lighter fluid.

that would not convince me if was a jurist

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LamillyToday  04:09 pm JST

If he's guilty, I eush he'd say where her body is. Let the family get closure

Disclosing the location, or whatever happened to it, is the last thing he will say as that is a confession of guilt.

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"that would not convince me if was a jurist"

A Jurist or Jurisconsult is a master of Jurisprudence; this is probably the last thing you had in mind when you typed.

And if what you meant by "if I was a jurist" actually means Jury, there are no jurors in the French system.

"without body, hard to convince"

This not a Common Law rules trial; UK/American rules do not apply.

Civil Systems skin their cat(s) differently.

No criticism of the fact that the "suspect" is already behind bars?

Or that the following is an anathema to British, i.e. Common Law, therefore American systems:

"Being placed under investigation is a step short of formally being charged, under French legal procedure. Formal charges would come if the investigating judge concludes there is sufficient evidence to put the suspect on trial."

Btw, where are all the "Legal critics" of the Japanese Napoleonic System (copied) from France?

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horrific story ! both family are in lots of pain and distress! I hope they find the truth ! the guy is wealthy and he thinks can get away with anything

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Or that the following is an anathema to British, i.e. Common Law, therefore American systems:

Banged up because, just like the Maxwell woman in the 'States, he is an obvious flight risk. Civil or Common law, both systems have this base covered.

Interestingly, this Zepeda guy seems to be a somebody, and not an ordinary Joe Schmoe. Probably got that sense of entitlement that comes from being born with a silver spoon in one's mouth.

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"he is an obvious flight risk"

On the basis of what?

Prima facie, every suspect is a flight risk.

I did study quite a bit of Civil Systems as part of my UK LLB; I am fully aware of what's up.

My quest is with those "critics" who readily "forget" this procedure is "vexatious" from a Brit/America Legal perspective.

If it's bad for the J's, why is it ok for the French to use C System Procedures?

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