Chile's Supreme Court summons suspect over Japanese student missing in France


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Kudos to the Chilean courts. If there is evidence, fine, but just extradite someone based upon supposition or circumstantial evidence, no, that is wrong.

If necessary, allow the French authorities to question the man IN Chile. Plus the courts took the right step as well in ordering the man to not leave the country until the issue is solved.

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Contreras is summoned to appear on Tuesday, February 14

This is good news...

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I believe the person will be flagged by INTERPOL if he does try to leave.

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Finally. Let's see it go through.

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About time.

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Finally some movement on this case

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Good to know. Hope the family of the girl would finally get answers.

Honestly at this point, I dont know what would be a better news regarding the girl's fate. I dont want to find out she's dead. But if not, I dont want to find out whats happening to her at this moment either.

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