China arranges for embassy officials to visit detained Japanese citizen


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This is a common occurrence around the world. I have heard of spies being detained in many countries.

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When a foreigner is arrested it is common international practice to allow access to that detainee's consulate or embassy. Except that in China''s case it took over a month for them to allow it.

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Same sort of hostage tactics, just this time with Chinese characteristics. So this is a part of the new geopolitics dynamics? Is this the new accepted norm? Does Japan play the same game arresting and locking up Chinese nationals for leverage?

China, “ and what are yuze gunna do about it? “

Strongest hand wins apparently in this new paradigm.

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He could be a spy. Or it could be retaliation for Japan pulling so many factories from China the last few years. Or there could be someone important to China held in Japanese jail that they want released.

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