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China arrests third Japanese; detains another for spying


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“Japan does not engage in such (spying) activities in any countries,” Suga told reporters, without elaborating.

Apparently, Suga thinks people of the world are as naive as the people of Japan. In 2012 ? A Chinese embassy official in Tokyo was caught spying for Japan. How ? by opening the windows wide open so Japanese operatives could do electronic harvesting. Recently. A Chinese Embassy official ( Ambassador?) in Reykjavic (Iceland) was caught spying for Japan and then, I just can't tell how the Japanese ( ab) use Embassy staff from less financially endowed countries. Suga, please tell us another.****

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Spying In China ? Obviously you can buy whatever you need there . Spying , what a .....

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More details would be nice. There's got to be something more on the situations, jobs, lives of these people. Well, I suppose I could hunt elsewhere for a real new source.

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What does the last paragraph have to do with this?

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Are their more spy jobs out there? Now they want to create a spy experience in Shinjuku.....

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