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China cyberattacks hit Japanese websites


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This kind of petty harassment makes China look childish. Clearly the Chinese government is using the Senkaku issue to divert its people's anger away from the enormous social, economic and environmental problems created by its totalitarian regime. When people protest violently against Japan, nothing happens. When they protest peacefully against the Chinese government, they get massacred in Tiananmen Square.

Japan should surrender these islands to China after China surrenders Tibet to the Tibetans and lets it's various ethnic minorities have their independence.

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"a Japanese-administered chain Tokyo calls Senkaku"

The implication of these words in the article is that the islands are not really part of Japan, just administered by it, and that the name "Senkaku" is not legitimate outside of Japan. Was that the writer's intention?

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what goes around come's around ......

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That's why I don't like Communist peoples. I really concern about Communist China military building up and spending for military hardware. The current situation in South East Asia and Pacific region tension has to blame west for greedy Communist Chinese money. Communist Chinese Government wants to claim all Islands in East and South China Sea. Regional Governments need to unite against Communist China.

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like what china did, in the philippines cyberspace also, a few months ago... haaaayyyysstttt...

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everything of chinese expression for diaoyu islands are kinda illegal way. do they really think like this behavior does work for the international sympathy?

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Regardless of what they believe about the ownership of the islands, how is something as petty and childish as a DDoS attack going to help anything? Do they expect the Japanese government to shrivel up into the fetal position crying out : "Oh please stop, stop!!! We'll give you the islands, just quit bombarding our servers!"? Why can't they all just grow up!

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The Chinese government basically sporadically issues licenses that encourage its citizens to behave like jerks and their response is to take advantage of this "freedom" with great gusto.

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Just Chinese being Chinese - the world does not expect anything better. Yawn.

I enjoyed it more when they were trashing their already-dirty polluted country. Please resume the show in China.

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Pathetic of the people to do such things... but is the governments fault for letting the flood gates open in the first place and let them wreak havoc on the Japanese businesses in China.

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One can only hope that the people responsible for this mess in China are slowly realizing that the world has changed, and that intimidation doesn't work at the global level the same way it works at the local level. You can scare the locals with a threat of force and minimal actual violence, but on the global level, you will be lucky if you hear the cocking of a rifle prior to experiencing the actual response. Bluffing is not a good global tactic. Most global players take things pretty damn seriously.

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maybe that is why i had problems yesterday on the RS site?

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China is losing face on all sides with the variety of antics. Pathetic.

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Amazing. The Chinese have lost the plot over these islands.

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