China detains 35 Japanese nationals for alleged fraud


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35 Japanese gangsters detained by the Chinese-thanks China!

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So did Japan help with this & did China do this their own?

Anyway if they are guilty I hope they serve serious time, enjoy your extended holidays in China!!!

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Good job china. My family member was a victim of this scam, and the futon replacement scam and another member the roof is not safe for earthquake scam.

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Let China deal with them, in their own style, with a bullet in the neck....

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wouldn't put it pass the Chinese that someone made a huge profit and when the same deal went south because the same Chinese demanded more in payment, the answer was no and so a call was placed...sounds about right...

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Japanese police officials were not immediately available for comment.?? Will they ever?

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Good. These fraudsters are the scum of the Earth.

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Hang 'em. Like they would anyone ELSE over there.

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I find it strange Japanese nations were making fraud calls to Chinese. They would well have an accent but the biggest thing is why were they even in the Peoples Republic of China? In todays world the calls could of been placed from Japan. In the age of disputes with the Peoples Republic are these charges true?

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YuriOtani: please read the article.

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The Nikkei business daily said the Japanese nationals were accused of being involved in telephone scams targeting residents in Chiba prefecture, east of Tokyo.

>  It would be up to Chinese authorities to decide whether to hand them over to Japan

They (the Japanese criminals) were targeting Japanese people in Japan, so there's nothing connecting them to any Chinese citizens, so its a Japanese matter I think. The Chinese police cannot investigate this case because the crime happened on Japanese soil. Send them over to be made an example of.

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Why would the Peoples Republic of China want to help Japan?

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If they were found to be guilty and then lock those 35 scumbags up in the jail for life and throw the key into the sea.

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