China plays down Japan's arrest of fishing boat captain


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This is great, finally, people acting like adults.

It also should show the people who disregard laws, that their country will not also give them a free ride and yes that goes for us Americans in Japan. First strike.

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The question is, will Japan be satisfied with this or were they wanting a huge protest again?

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Free rides?? First strike?? Ok Mike talk to me buddy mattaku wakaranai!!

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Way to go China! Very well handled indeed.

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Seems to me the somebody (the Japanese govt? news media?) is hoping to build a story/issue out of this incident. Why compare this to last year's confrontation? That took place in disputed waters, this did not. Of course China isn't acting up. Why would they in this case?

Using the words "plays down" in the title is inaccurate and misleading. This incident is a non-issue to begin with.

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"The question is, will Japan be satisfied with this or were they wanting a huge protest again?"

Why would they want it? They didn't want it last time either. Of what benefit is it to Japan if China protested?

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It's like Japan wants China to blow up so that Japan can be the victim again.

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Japan = One Trick Pony

Arrest another fishing boat Captain. We let the last one go and the people wanted blood.

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Free rides?? First strike?? Ok Mike talk to me buddy mattaku wakaranai!!

Just getting ahead of the flames about Americans commiting crimes and the country backs them up 100% without regards to the host nation laws.

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where are all the chinese bashers now?

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gogogo - Exactly the answer I was going to give.

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This is a non-event as far as International relations goes and should be treated as such. I hope that the media in China will not make a meal out of it.

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"I hope that the media in China will not make a meal out of it." Japanese media have made big meal out of it already.

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Itis a non event as it happened in uncontested waters, but it is potentially inflamatory in parts of Nationalist Chinese society, so much so that the Chinese version of the Hardline Global Times ran an article with a front page picture of the Arrest. Page 3had the story where it clearly stated that this is unlike last year and in so many words said don't protest.

Chinese society is not harmonious in its thinking, there are many factions just asin any country, some wanted better relations with Japan et al and some which are far morre reactionary.

As a former resident of Japan and currently a resident of China, it is interestingtowatch the ebbsand flowsofpublic opinion.

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I must be missing something...

@some of the above posters, how is Japan over-reacting to this? I'm not seeing anything of the sort within this article or either of the 2 related articles I just found and read through now.

You guys are really determined to bash Japan, aren't you?

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Thanks Mike down in Oki!! China is a funny country but Japan needs to reclaim those rocks sticking out of the water put up some hinomaru flags some lights maybe a conbini or 2??

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I seldom would say this, but China did the right thing here.It's time that petty criminals are treated as such, and nothing more. I'm sure the fishers will be back home soon after paying a fine.

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If the boat was truly found to have violated Japanese territorial waters, Japan should ask for an apology.

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@plastic monkey

Good comment.

While I did not even pay attention to this petty case, JT seemed over excited by reporting repeatedly the piece of news in the headlines 3-4 times in a roll..correct me if I am wrong, the boat seemed not even fishing when spotted & caught as I did not identify any comment on this crucial point. Hence, any foreign boats going in & out of Japan's waters would likely be fined ? Would the coast guards have something else more important to do ?

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You misunderstand China. Any Chinese boat going in and out of Japan's waters has only one mission----testing Japan, which got JT hooked.

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