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China says detained Japanese company employee suspected of espionage


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However, in China,we should also note that corruption and bribery is sometimes dealt with by the death penalty.

There has been a concerted war on bribing officials and even gift giving has come under scrutiny.

To claim that China, with zero free press is free of corruption is laughable. The entire communist party system is based on the principle of don't investigate the higher ups or they will ensure you go down for something.

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China can charge anyone of spying since they're so secretive

Everywhere you turn there's something they're hiding - so of course it's unavoidable if you have eyes!

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China playing the old abduction game like always. People with Chinese ancestry need to steer clear of the criminal regime.

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@Ricky Kaminski

Sorry, I cannot agree that only a few people were taken to task in China.

I know for a fact that ‘gift giving’ took a massive hit and the sales of luxury goods plunged after laws were changed.

The economic activity and growth that has occurred in China has made many wealthy and has brought many out of poverty.

Hard work does pay off in China

China is now a rival to the US with a space program far above Japan’s.

Personally, I would not want to live nor visit China (mainland) but the Chinese state does a fine job of protecting its own vested interests and one of those is to pushback against foreign powers.

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Once again, government-enforced xenophobia is rearing its ugly head. Too bad. I had a 10-year tourist visa for China, but first COVID and now this. My traveling days to the mainland are over.

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In China it’s considered espionage if they suspect you don’t love China.

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All foreign companies should pull out of China and be done with them and really there is no need to rely on China any further. There are so many Asian countries that have caught up with China and or surpass them and there is no fear of retaliation and or arrests like there is with China now and in the future. Also, by pulling out of China puts a nail in their piggy banks.

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Yesterday he was accused of "Violating domestic law" 

There was an article before the one you are referring to here on JT. It had already stated he was arrested on charges of espionage. Just because the second article yesterday was unclear, due to what was edited, does not mean Beijing didn’t make clear on the charges.

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Sounds like a convenient reason to keep him detained until China gets whatever they are seeking from Japan.

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Kuripisu, correct, we are not privy to the facts ( nor expect to get many ), but suggesting that systemic bribery and corruption is worse here in Japan than it is in China seems a very far stretch, once again strolling blindly into the realms of fantasyland. Classic deny, distract and deflect. The three Ds.

From what you hear the whole place is built from and runs on corruption. The death penalties ( purges ) you refer to were just some poor sod whose game was up, someone that ticked off (or got in the way of) the wrong party official. Killing political rivals or economic rivals using the state as a cleaner is pretty dark stuff. You'll have to forgive me if I'm not very convinced nor envious.

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As we are not privy to the facts, it is hard to make an assessment.

However, in China,we should also note that corruption and bribery is sometimes dealt with by the death penalty.

There has been a concerted war on bribing officials and even gift giving has come under scrutiny.

Lets compare that with Japan where there are tales of bribery and corruption almost weekly!

Where are the myriad lawbreakers?

Not in jail but walking around free without a care

Lets look at the facts before casting the stones

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Mao said there were many similar cases in recent years and that Japan should do more to educate its citizens.

Had to read that one twice. What is Japan to educate it's citizens regarding exactly? If Mao would spell it out for us a bit more that'd help.

Are they trying to justify arresting ( taking ) this chap by claiming that Japan is systematically interfering, spying, disregarding rules, thieving and lying on a large industrial scale? A silent and pervasive menace that must be stopped? Is that what she is inferring? Do armies of Japanese commentators infiltrate Chinese society, corporations, governments and media, spreading their generic low-resolution agendas? If so Japan should educate its citizens about its crimes pronto. Thanks for the warning Maosan. Your vigilance is to be commended.


The counternarrative would be that this is more politicking. Take a Japanese citizen as some sort of payback for something thats ticked you off, hey make it a big pharma guy, that way people won't care if he is guilty or not. If he was a business rival to someone all the better, grease some palms and show them how doing business in the motherland really works.

Easy pickings, lock him up indefinitely and use him as a political pawn?

Take your pick as to which is more likely. Just thinking out loud.

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"I think the person involved should be clear what criminal activities they committed

how can you not know that you are spying when you are spying? It’s like saying I don’t smoke while smoking.

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Of course, because it’s exactly what china does everywhere

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"Suspected of espionage" is just a Chinese excuse for hostage taking. China's not a normal country.

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Expect consequences from China when Kishida follows orders and constantly provokes them. Plus, if you do the crime, you expect to do the time.

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@PTownsend Only a despotic system of law, and its supporters would accept someone being 'snubbed' as basis for affecting a judicial decision.

Yes my point exactly.

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In China if official say someone did espionage than that person must be did some espionage activity, in Japan when someone is guilty no matter what evidences said and how confession is being coerced than that person must be criminal. Sounds similar right.


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@james  I blame Kishida for snubbing the Chinese ambassador

Only a despotic system of law, and its supporters would accept someone being 'snubbed' as basis for affecting a judicial decision.

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@Sh1mon it's a system designed to say 'we can disappear you any time' according to the law.

And given reports of Chinese jails in countries around the world, not just 'any time' but also anywhere. Still some in democratic countries cheer on the China/Russia/Iran/North Korea bloc.

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Yesterday he was accused of "Violating domestic law" and today it has been upgraded to "suspicion of espionage." So they dont really know, but they have a suspicion. I wonder what it will morph into tomorrow? China does not have anything high tech enough to be worth stealing, so this assumed espionage must be having a caricature of Winnie the pooh on his person. They will throw the book at him for that. Well they would if they had a book of laws, with China it is whatever Jinping wants on the day.

Nobody equates China with a fair and unbiased legal system. Despotic legal systems are not run by the judiciary but by the party. Exactly the danger Israel faces turning into with their PM trying to end the separation of government and judiciary. Sad to see

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I want to stress again that China is a country governed by law,

And that's the truth, with Chinese characteristics.

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Seems this is the usuall thing when Japan snubs China on anything I blame Kishida for snubbing the Chinese ambassador

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"This Japanese citizen is suspected of engaging in espionage activities which violates criminal law and counter-espionage law," Mao said, adding that China had notified the Japanese embassy in China

A respected judicial system would investigate, and officially charge. China terrorises everyone, it's a system designed to say 'we can disappear you any time' according to the law.

Workers have been put at risk by their own companies in China since day 0.

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