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China sentences 12 over anti-Japanese violence


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"smashing Japanese-brand cars, almost all of which were made in China by Chinese working for government-owned joint venture enterprises."

Yet another sign that the "Anti-Japanese" demonstrations were implicitly anti-government demonstrations (in addition, for example, to attacking Communist Party headquarters in Shenzhen and carrying Mao posters (yes, whatever happened to communism in China?).

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They are in crisis!

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When you take illegal action in your hand you suffer the consequences.

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Chinese court system seems more fair than their neighboring countries.

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China has to do something...almost majority of Japanese companies has moved out of China, and not only China, American and European companies has moved too resulting in the hollowing of Chinese industries. Because of the perceived weakness of the Chinese goverment and the constant use of violence against Japanese companies, most industries are leaving China.

Now, they have to do something to show they are a member of international community and is governed by laws.

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Mikihouse is right that lots of companies started moving out of China. The "official" (建前) analysis is that this is due to rising wages in China makes it less competitive. But the real reason (本音) is that other countries got the message of the anti-Japanese demonstrations clearly: Do something we don't like, and we will destroy your property, factories, restaurants, and hurt your people!!! That is why the Chinese government is addressing the property issue. This is all in addition to the implicit anti-communist party message of the demonstrations (why haven't you done something about the islands? why haven't you taken them from japan? why are you so weak? why does China have so many billionairs and everyone else is in poverty?)

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I admire China. I don't know it...It simply seems more mature than South Korea and Japan, even if t is very nationalistic as well. Probably it's because they are still a developing country, so they are still humble. I sometimes read Chinese netizens comments and I often see this humbe attitude. When you look at South Korea and Japan, you see tons of people act like they were superior to China, just because they are already developed. BUT China gave these countries tons of culture across the centuries. China and India founded the heart of Asian culture, like Greece and Italy founded the heart of European culture.

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I doubt many Tibetans would see it your way.

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I often see this humbe* attitude.


I doubt many Tibetans would see it your way.

There are bloody stories about separatism around the world, also in Europe. So, it isn't a good excuse to portrait China like the bad guy.

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Only 12!!! It must be a joke. I saw thousand of people went into a JPN department store to steal everything, ( I read some article that the all Rolex watches were gone, it was not sending any political message but just robbery.) destroyed the elevator, set a fire. More that 12 people got involved in this for sure. I guess China is not a lawful society.

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The jail sentences were given more because the protests could easily have become bigger and bigger and turned into anti-CCP protests. That is what the Chinese government fears most of course and they will dish out harsh penalties to try to prevent it from happening, though it only seems like it will be a matter of time.

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Way to go, China. Losing heart, are you? You need Japan more than Japan needs China. Now, you're apologizing indirectly by trying to show that the authorities weren't behind the riots. Bull. Save face if you can; but don't think that Japan or the US will allow you to grow your borders at the expense of our allies. Just pay attention to what we're doing and what we're calling it: "we're re-balancing Asia, not containing China."

Yes, we will not contain the present PRC as a unit or allow it to grow any larger than it is already. We will not do that. The PRC is far too large and has "unbalanced" the scales in Asia. So, we will re-balance Asia by forcing the PRC to devolve into six constituent democracies, three of which will be Han Chinese based on the cultural watersheds of China's three principal rivers, meaning the Yangtze People's Republic, the Yellow River Federation and the Oriental Pearl.

The other three countries are the former colonies of the PRC, meaning Tibet, Uighur, and Inner Mongolia (which itself will coalesce with Outer Mongolia to reform the Mongolian nation). There is already some indication that Manchuria may actually form a seventh new nation from the tottering behemoth of the PRC. That's up to the Manchurians, and we will support them in this, if they so choose.

So, as you can see, we're absolutely truthful with you when we say we are not trying to contain China. No, our intention is to re-balance Asia to create a more prosperous world less likely to drag us into WWIII. For instance, the Yangtze People's Republic will be on a more equal level, both militarily and commercially, in dealing with South Korea and the Philippines and Vietnam and the Oriental Pearl in solving territorial, financial, export/import matters than this "unbalanced" monster called the PRC. So say we all.

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@ lachance - just curious - who is "we"? They sure do sound all powerful and have some grand plans, this "we" mob...

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@burakumindes - don't mind lachance, i think he was just playing the stratego or risk board games.

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Or telling you the unvarnished truth? Which is it?

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