Chinese inmate who escaped from Hiroshima prison given additional 28 months


A Chinese inmate who escaped from a Hiroshima prison on Jan 11 was sentenced to an extra 2 years and 4 months by the Hiroshima District Court on Tuesday.

Li Guolin, 40, who was serving a 23-year sentence for attempted murder, managed to climb over a wall inside the prison campus and then use scaffolding to get over the 4.5-meter outer wall, which was under construction for repairs.

It was Japan's first prison break in more than two decades. He was caught two days later near an elementary school in Hiroshima.

Li, believed to be the leader of a gang of burglars, was convicted in 2005 for shooting at a police officer and stealing a squad car.

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ouch -one extra year for every day he was out... He won't be eligible for early release for good behaviour as well.

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That's it? Just two extra years?

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But cop the 23 years for attempted murder this guy is doing, when others commit the actual murder and get a handful of years , something is not ringing right here, seems like he has been persecuted for some reason.

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23 years for attempted murder is proposterous considering that people get far less for actual murder.

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his sentence should have been reduced he exposed a serious flaw in the security

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I imagine his sentence reflects that a.) he used a gun and b.) he attempted to kill a police officer.

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Just goes to show how screwed up the system really is!

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