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Chinese man arrested, two others sought for vandalising Japan war shrine


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Jiang Zhuojun, 29, who lives north of Tokyo,

It's not that hard to arrest someone in Tokyo after doing that kind of act. It took almost two months?

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Imagine how a foreigner would be dealt with if they staged a protest at Tiananmen Square over Chinese atrocities, genocide and massacres?

They would be summarily executed.

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Lock this idiot up he doesn't believe in boundaries nor does he believe he is a guest of a country. There is no way he would have committed such an act in China because he would have been possibly sent to a camp. Japan should prosecute this guy to the fullest and once he does his time in jail deport him immediately after he pays for his room and board in jail!!! "would not report to police because the conduct was a protest against Japan's release of treated wastewater from the crippled Fukushima nuclear plant".

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throw him jail & put him on toilet duty

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Deport this creep and ban his whole family from ever visiting.

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Imagine a smaller country to invading its much larger neighbor and indiscriminating murdering millions of civilians.

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Imagine a smaller country to invading its much larger neighbor and indiscriminating murdering millions of civilians.

Thats bad. What does it have to do with this article though?

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Jiang Zhuojun, 29, who lives north of Tokyo, was arrested "on suspicion of vandalism and disrespect for a place of worship", a Tokyo metropolitan police spokesman told AFP.

I thought he had left the country. Did he really think he can live here and do that?

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Jail and deport !!!...

-2 ( +4 / -6 )

Tokyo living above....

"Jail AND deport "

Could be difficult....would you "deport " the jail building as well ?

Or did you mean "Jail THEN deport "?

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Yasukuni also includes a museum that portrays Japan largely as a victim of US aggression in WWII and makes scant reference to the extreme brutality of invading Imperial troops when they stormed through Asia.



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A hero.

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I have been to, and have said prayers at, Yasukuni, several times over the years. My Dad was in the U.S. Army, WWII, thankfully remained stateside.

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As others have said, it's rather telling that this was done by a Chinese person living in Japan. He's clearly annoyed at Japan, but chooses to live here anyway? Seems a bit hypocritical.

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I watched the video disgusting. He should go to jail for a few months and pay a very steep price for that crime including cleaning and washing it where he took his p*ss and finally, he should be deported and stripped whatever visas he has.

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