Chinese man charged with arson attack on Japan's embassy in Seoul


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It means still They hate Japan...?

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Ths one here, no matter what excuse he made, is a dangerous criminal, and must be disposed with extreme prejudice courtesy of local Korean law.

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In reality most of them are selfish animals

Really? Wow! You must have lived years and years in China and dealt personally with more than 600,000,000 people to be able to tell us about "most" Chinese people.... Congratulations on your meticulous research. And on your open-mindedness and lack of prejudice.

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Arson is a serious crime in any country that can cause death and injury to others even unintentionally and no excuse justfies it.

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I wonder does he realize that what he did will have absolutely no good for his cause. Just give Japanese a big chance to bash Chinese.

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Hmmm... I honestly feel that the issues of WW2 atrocities such as "comfort women" and "Rape of Nanking" are being used to advance political and economical agenda of the S.Korea and the Chinese. The Chinese government uses the issue to redirect the public discontent for the Chinese government and the Koreans uses the issue to (1) milk money from the J-government and (2) to blame their misfortune of past histories to the Japanese. Don't get wrong, WW2 atrocities existed but the motivation in the current anti Japan sentiment is created and is propaganda.

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Is there some special Japanese rule that says raping and killing someone is ok after 40 years? Some sort statute of limitations on moral outrage?/?

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No, but there's rule that says Arson is illegal. In Japan, South Korea and China and everywhere else on this planet.

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because his grandmother was forced into wartime sex slavery.


because he was angry at the Japanese government’s refusal to deal with the issue of comfort women.

Yes. Those are two completely different things. The first is ancient history. The second is modern and recent. His anger is totally understandable and justifiable. His arson attempt is more dubious.

And before anyone says it, no, the comfort women were not compensated by the Japanese government. The Korean government and Japanese government worked out a secret deal in 1965 that paid x amount for each victim of forced labor and forced conscription etc. The numbers of victims they calculated did not include one single sex slave. Therefore, they were not compensated.

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It was failed propoganda plot organized by Chinese military. They did not know that most of the new generation South Koreans enjoy a comfortable life with freedom. They do not like China at all.... The Chinese should pay compensation to own people for killing Millions in the name of communism. Raping own people by Red Army... Killing young people asking for freedom. Killing Tibetans and Uigur race people. And after that they come to Japan for any kind of prostitution payment....etc... They forget that they claim they are the best race and center of the earth???? how can you ask for more payment for prostitution???

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As I understand it there were many women from Japan, Korea, China etc., who provided 'comfort' for Japanese soldiers within the army system at that time. Many volunteered and many were coerced, but because of human nature, all of them would need to say afterwards that they were coerced. Who would admit that they volunteered and did it for the money? Having said that, I can imagine that most of them regretted it once they had become virtual sex slaves.

Which type was this man's grandmother? We will never know. He seems to have an emotional problem, and the reasons for his actions sound more like afterthought excuses, IMHO.

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As I understand it there were many women from Japan, Korea, China etc., who provided 'comfort' for Japanese soldiers within the army system at that time.

C'mon - it's now time to drop the Japanese government and media's euphemism of "comfort" - these children and women were used to provide sex for the occupiers. As for "volunteering" - maybe some did - but how the children could be accused of "volunteering" themselves for sexual services is a bit beyond the pale. I hope the arsonist is locked away for a long time, by the way.

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