Chinese man denies intention to murder wife


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an over defensive act without the intention of murder

I will try to remember this one !

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While murder is an option, there's a second one called divorce. Not sure it's any easier, but in the end, you won't be sitting in prison for years.

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He would of had to hold the bedding over her mouth and nose with enough force to prevent her breathing for more than three minutes.

I wonder if, after that time, when he saw that she was unconscious, did he seek emergency help.

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"Yang worked at an auto parts maker's factory in Kyoto Prefecture, but disappeared from the company's dormitory in March 2014. Zhou worked for a farm in Tottori Prefecture from which he also disappeared."

says a lot about how foreigners can get into Japan.

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He came to Japan as a technical intern trainee, but was working on a farm? Boggling!

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