Chinese trainee gets suspended term for abandoning baby


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By giving her a prison sentence, Japan's training program self-rdflects how wrong and a abusive it is.

If she had been told she could have her baby in Japan and provided support like any pregnant woman, she would never have done that.

Moreover, she never put in danger a baby, 13 degrees is not cold at all and baby was in blanket and deposited in front of a home so taken care of.

Justice is ridiculous and it should be called business justice for the priviledged.

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Jonathan Prin

She actually committed attempted infanticide. Do you understand this?

I agree that a 22 year old fearing for her situation and being immature doesn’t deserve long prison.

But making this about Japan’s justice system is silly. In China she may have gotten far worse than a SUSPENDED sentence.

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@thepersoniamnow - She actually committed attempted infanticide.

Oh, good grief! Seriously? If she intended to kill the baby she would have tried to flush it down the toilet like so many japanese women do. This shows clearly how terrible the structure of this intern program is. She wanted to support her family and the only way she could keep her job was by abandoning the baby.

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Oops misread that Disilluioned, I thought she wrapped it up and left it at home.

That would be abandonment, not infanticide. But I’m not gunna downplay it, or make it about Japan like you. Abandoning a newborn is not a small matter. The second you walk away you leave it to its fate, which could be anything.

What if injury occurred, or nobody found him, or an animal came by, or anything.

This isn’t about Japan or China.

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"Technical trainees" should be given full human rights including the right to enter into a relationship, to take a partner, and to have children with the usual social support.

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No support system, they are being treated like slaves

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@Mizuame, surely some trainees do enter relationship and marry a Jcoworker. In reverence to their contract and trainee sponsor, they finished their contracts and marry the Jcoworker in their native country. Some are marriage for convenience and most are fake marriages. I've seen some myself.

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Alwayspeakingcrap - A Chinese woman abandons her baby in Japan and the Japan haters blame Japan . LOL

Allow me to correct that for you: A Chinese woman abandoned her baby due to the slave-like conditions of her trainee contract in Japan.

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Work contracts for "Technical Trainees" MUST also include the right to enter into a relationship, have a family and children. To avoid such incident from happening again.

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Correct judgement. Japan does not have the infrastructure and legislation necessary for dealing with such cases.

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for leaving the infant wrapped in a blanket at a private residence in the neighborhood

The article doesn't mention whether she rang the door bell after putting the baby on the doorstep and running around a corner to watch.

That's how it used to be done, long, long ago. If that's what happened, I can understand the suspended sentence. That would be a far different case than the many stories we hear of babies in garbage bags in park toilets, etc.

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A Chinese friend recently sent me a photo of his year-old nephew. Very cute. He has parents and grandparents to take care of him.

I hope the baby boy in this article should be so lucky. I also hope the young woman has a chance to reclaim him if she wishes though living in China, or in Japan, as an unwed mother will raise huge difficulties. And before someone objects to my use of those old-fashioned stigmatizing words “unwed mother”, this young woman is not a wealthy, privileged Hollywood starlet who can thumb her nose at old conventions.

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Good luck girl / boy.

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Overquick reading happens. I also do write too fast. Always sorry about it but no edit button.

You can fully acknowledge you made a mistake you know;)

Acknowledge the fact that that poor Chinese woman has never had the intent to hurt her baby. So she was just under pressure and her Japanese work environment failed to support her. That is factual judgement.

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