Citigroup data theft hits 90,000 in Japan


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They "have come to know" this? What kind of doublespeak is that?

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Citi did not inform its clients of the May 10 attack until nearly a month later, and initially put the number of affected customers at about 210,000 before substantially increasing it.

Great... hearing this for the first time... from JT of all places. I'm a Citi Japan ccard holder and have yet to hear a peep on this from Citi.

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and Im just finding out here thanks to JT?? Thanks JT! and no thanks stupid Citibank! now i have to really check my transactions there!

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Wow, this is worse than the Sony hacking, far worse.

"While the risk of fraud is minimal due to the absence of security information, CCJ has placed internal fraud alerts and enhanced monitoring on all accounts identified"

If they can acquire all that info, I dont think that they really need the PINs.

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You don't need PIN or security codes to steal money from the credit cards. Citibank needs to be sued.

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Wow, Citirgoup has worse security than Sony, etc.

But as posters here said Japan has the lowest and worst one and is 10yrs behind the USA, etc.

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I gave my Citi credit card back a few months back because I just wasn't willing to pay the annual fees. My current card requires NO fee.

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