Coast guard arrests two Chinese cargo crew over collision


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Very misleading JT headline "Coast guard arrests two Chinese cargo crew over collision" under the 'crime' column. At least one has to give a brief account on why the crew members were 'detained' for investigation ? If this is a confirmed 'crime', then state its content. Should one jump to the description as 'arrested' when not even a single word on the 'crime' committed. If you donot know the story then wait until the report is received or skip it ! Sounded very handy to stir fry a hit dish of when three key words are found -- 'China', 'vessel', 'collision' Then followed by JCG, arrest..crime.. The dish is served JT style stir fried news !

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This should improve China-Japan relations.

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PT24881, the article's not misleading at all. It has all the necessary info. It says who, two Chinese crew, what, their arrest, why, the collision and when,

Much more detail may prejudice their case and would be conjecture until the results of the investigation are in.

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Opppssss.... another collision... I hope Japan will not kotow to china again and pay for the repair of their fishing boat and free the chinese fishermen illegally fishing at Japan sea.

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