Complaint calls over virus-related scams top 10,000 in Japan


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Inevitable, which is why the coppers should have been on top of it and released specific warnings telling the housebound to be wary of this kind of scam.

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I think corona virus related spam started hitting my junk mail box about 3 weeks ago. Almost exclusively Japanese.

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Japanese criminals never fail to exploit anxiety.

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All my Nigerian emails have switched over to corona-virus themes.

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Weird, isn't it? Pathetic? Desperate? Simple-minded? Let's hope the J-cops can do what their cohorts in other countries are doing. Sorry. Bit of a laugh there. Although it came with a cough!

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It would be quite fitting if these criminals contracted the coronavirus while they're in the slammer.

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Yesterday I fell for something but I am not yet sure what it was. I was photographing blossoms when an old guy stopped his truck, asked me who I was, and motioned to follow him. Five kilometers away he stopped at a young people’s camp, where a minibus was parked. There were boxes of food and drink. “Take as much as you can fit into your car”, he insisted, “otherwise the crows will get it!”

On the way home we were still scratching our heads trying to figure out what had just happened. Was he crazy? Would the cops be after us? Had they scheduled a flower-viewing that got canceled at the last moment? I’d like to think that sometimes good things happen too.

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by the way, my real name is Nobenya Swasalazi I am a Prince in my country and need to get $10,000,000 out of my country to a safe place due to the pandemic, If you can help me, I will give you a 10% cut from the transfer........Thank you and God Bless .......

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All these victims have to ask is "Can I call your company to verify?" Anything less than a business card presented means its fake.

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People are disgusting, but targeting children is absolutely unforgiveable

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All these victims have to ask is "Can I call your company to verify?" Anything less than a business card presented means its fake.

Any half-assed decent scammer will have a business card, with a logo that looks legits but was pulled from a website, AND a phone number that they'll encourage you to call. And their accomplice is waiting to field that call.

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As a long term tax-payer, In this biblical epoch

I have been offered 2 masks for my 3 person family!

What type of phony scam can this be?

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yes, the government’s offer of masks is the biggest scam of all

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My mother in laws neighbourhood was leafleted by scammers a fortnight ago. Claimed they would check your water pipes for the corona virus.

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People can get through to complain about scammers but they can't get through operators to beg for a PCR test.

This explains a lot about Japanese attitudes.

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Phone/server provider companies cannot fix it for good, but they can definitely do more.

They can track suspicious numbers/e-mails and block them but they do nothing.

This is a worldwide plague that is not acceptable.

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Cue up the "Hi Grandma, it's your Grandson. I'm in the hospital with Covid-19, and I need ¥1,000,000 in cash. Since I can't leave the hospital, I'll send my friend to your house to pick up the money. Thanks again. Love you."

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All these victims have to ask is "Can I call your company to verify?" Anything less than a business card presented means its fake.

Let me me clarify what I meant. If the victim starts asking questions about the validity of the visit and company of the scammer, it would ward them off. If they include an outside person like "Let me call my (family member) so they can talk to you and help me make a decision!", this also would put an end to their visit.

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I bet once in jail these people will try to scam the other inmates in order to get a cell to themselves.

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I didn't know that there was even such an Organisation within Japan until this Article. Pity the Author didn't include the URL, so here it is:

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