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Complaints on rise about private detectives' unsatisfactory services


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If they just went to the site to browse, how are they being billed? They must have entered in credit card information or something similar, so they should have known there was a risk that they would be charged. Internet porn sites are not exactly paragons of integrity...

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a friend of mine said that there is no way these people could get billed for just "browsing" a site. i have visited, i mean, my friend has visited hundreds of sites and swears this has never happened to him.

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Some of those sites are scams, I've gotten messages where "we see you are viewing our content illegally from "this IP address" and we will report you to the police unless you pay up now". I can see some people freaking out and opening up their wallets.

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By that description, I'd think it's about these "one-click" fraud sites. They indeed demand horrendous bills (around 99,000 JPY) for a three months contract, that was "automatically activated" by visiting the site.

This stuff is around since more than 10 years in almost unchanged form and hard to shut down because of missing legal basis and lack of engagement by the JP police and other organizations.

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Madden, soooo you just stumbled on these sites :)

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Madden, soooo you just stumbled on these sites :)

Considering porn sites are among the most visited sites on the web, it's safe to say that a fair number of people you know visit them. Unfortunately, the pointless shame attributed to these visits makes it easier for these websites to cheat customers. I bet a fair number of victims never complain too loudly, but just cancel their credit cards.

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private detective services promising problem resolution

Anyone that promises to fix things should be avoided at all costs.

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Anyone that promises to fix things should be avoided at all costs.

People need what is most lacking...common sense. There are legitimate lawyers that "make promises" in assisting people get money back from over payments made on loans.

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Just by browsing an unprotected website you can expose your private information and data to a third party.

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bunch of dics.

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Maybe don't hire them to investigate the problem, but rather solve it. No solution, no pay.

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Complains have swelled from people being billed for subscriptions to online pornography sites after just visiting to browse.

Just a guess but I think a person in a relationship went to a Private Detective to find out if their partner was doing porn behind their backs.

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Still don't understand this. Could it be that the site promises to be "free" but asks the user to input a credit card number to prove that they are 18? Once they have the number, they start charging.

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I'm not so familiar with the scams of just visiting a porn site and being charged. I guess I'll have to do some research, some in-depth research on this.

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