Computers in Diet hit by China-based cyberattack


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Any doubt yet to whether China is an ally or not?

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Any doubt yet to whether China is an ally or not?

ofcourse not doubt that China is an ally, can j-govt deny that?

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China is nobody's ally. Except maybe North korea.

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North Korea is China's minion.

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Big news ! Who else could do something thus ? Korea,maybe. Let's hear again the honored DPJ politicians saying - WE will act with serenity,serenity,serenety..... Agh... nemui desu.

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I get "pinged" from China all the time, also have soft bots from there testing all the open ports and seeing if they can log in, this has been going on for years. Firewall I've set up logs it all. Could be that this wasn't a "targeted attack" as normally they just run through all on-line computers that have any open ports.

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Bah, when it's lulzsec it's a rogue grouip of hackers; when it comes from China it's got to be government-sponsored.

I get pinged from all over the world to be honest, from the US, to Australia, to Finland.

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If you think China attacked you, why don't you attack them back. Just give me 24 hours to get a plane ticket.

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Wow... unaware of the attack for months. Says a lot about how easy it was to succeed.

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Japan should learn a lesson from India. Few months ago hackers from Pakistan hacked the website of one Indian university. In return the Indians hacked all the government websites with fancy message. It was quite daring. China should know that there are guys in Japan who can also hack the critical websites of Chinese goverments. Its time to put pessure on Chinese government to take action as the attacks are originated from China.

If Chinese govt is not skiiled enpugh to take any action than allow Interpol or other professional agencies to find and punish the criminals.


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Get Macs

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And Japan gives aid?? $$$$$ billions ever Year to China!!! WTF????

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So Japan, strike back, man! Don't just sit there and do nothing.

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life in the cloud gets more and more interesting. if you have open doors (ports) in your computer, anyone passing by (sniffing) can look in, walk in, and then just say "well, you left your door open and i just wanted to make sure all was ok in there".

and since there are no true locks, only passwords, you can always say: well, i was just passing by, singing a tune to myself and when i got the to part that says "why don't we do it in the road" the door opened and i thought i was invited in.

I wonder what will happen to the poor IT idiots that are earning big fat salaries and are supposed to take care of the diet computers.

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The cyberattack began when a lower house politician opened an attachment to an e-mail in late July

Your government at work. Idiots

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Japan makes PCs that are actually used around the world, in Japan they are used as Paper weights or porn portals.

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Hahaha Cricky

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You live by the sword, you will also die by the sword. I will be happy when the whole world of hacking unite and giving communist China a cripple lesson to their shameless immoral short gained policy which is against the progress of humanity and civilization.

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nice propaganda work by the j-govt. always looking for a way to distract the masses and keep them confused and/or scared. if they reported every attack on their systems, there wouldnt be any time to report anything else.

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this never happened when we all still played super nintendo, the 'naughty' chinese couldnt have hacked that

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It was not clear who was behind the attack, it said, adding it was possible the China-based server could have been controlled from a third country.

Jesus. The Chinese AGAIN. When are they going to grow some balls and just straight up say, "It was China".

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No proof yet........

Let Japan pin it on someone then ..but they won't as 'hacking ' is by nature a covert game.........

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Strange the lower house politicion did not report the suspected virus immediatley. I would have thought it was mandatary procedure

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I think it was the CIA did it, you know the servers could have been controlled from a third country and you know their defense chief is pressuring Japan to comprpomise over the Futemna base relocation!

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No no! Not the CIA! According to my crazy Chinese amigos, it had to have been either the Jews that control the USA and the rest of the world or the Freemasons that started all of the floods in Bangkok, Thailand we all now, according to my nutty Chinese friends that the Freemasons control not only cyber attacks but the weather, right Chinese amigos??

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that left information exposed for at least a month

Sorry Japan but you need a new IT security team, that is pathetically too late when you get your heads up on what's up.

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I think it was the CIA did it, you know the servers could have been controlled from a third country

Hahaha, just-a-guy! Nice joke.

Of course it was the Chinese government. Does anyone other than Chinese citizens think otherwise?

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Just a word from viewpoint of information highway's network setup --Example : A few criminals, came by car via highway from Saitama to Shinjuku, robbed a bank & disappeared..the criminals should not necessarily be described as" Shinjuku under attack by Saitama based robbery" as the article's title suggested. Pretty misleading though !

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These cyberattackers are internet terrorists!

lower house officials told lawmakers and parliamentary staff to change their network IDs and passwords

Unfortunately, this will not solve a core problem as the attacker already has stolen all operation systems. They can do this again and again. Hello? Hello?

a lower house politician opened an attachment to an e-mail in late July

Some still do not understand we NEVER open attachments from unknown sources. Isn't it a commen sense? Japan needs to spend more money for IT education, seriously.

If criminal acts are confirmed, police will strictly deal with it,

Some Chinese cyberattackers were paid by Beijin. They will NEVER acknowledge that. Good luck.

US has been spending tons of money against global cyberattacks. These cyberattackers can shut down airport control towers, utilities, transportations and banking systems.

Japan needs to move proactively against these internet terrorists.

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