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Contractor overcharges for Fukushima decontamination workers' lodging


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"Hazama Ando Corp. said an internal probe had found that one of its employees instructed a subcontractor to overcharge the Iwaki and Tamura city governments in Fukushima Prefecture a combined 80 million yen (around $724,770) and to make it appear that more workers were involved. ":

Just what they need in a dire situation.


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Doubled-edged sword. They probably also acted 'haphazardly' by not paying the workers what they had promised them.

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And absolutely NOTHING will happen as a result, except that the company in question, which has knowingly engaged in fraud, will not be punished after promising to "oversee work personally and ensure it does not happen again", and we'll be hearing more of the same, as we have for more than 6 years now. When every single facet of society here refuses to hold the corrupt to any modicum of responsibility and/or punish crimes, it's no wonder you have scandals on every level, bullying, and the general poor conditions we have in society.

But, shouganai, ne?

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An employee instructed them to pad the expenses by nearly a million bucks? Who is this mystery employee (AKA: scapegoat)? I'm pretty sure none of this money went to the employees either. However, the company leader had apologized, which means everything is ok. He most likely won't have to pay the money back either. It would seem that, the honor of the famed Japanese bushido is nothing more than bullshido!

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one lol? its is a common practice

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yep business as usual pay peanuts, no health and safety, blame workers, skim, pad and extort as much as you can, flick some to the local rep, donate to the regime, act suprised when it's public, decry the regrettable, and retire with a massive pension, like Flem through a straw so are the days of our lives.

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