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Contracts in Tokyo Olympics bid rigging case totaled ¥40 bil, sources say


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So when do the crooks involved get the same kind of jail time as much lesser criminals would get for theft?

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The ones who protect these thieves are still sitting in the parliament...

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$300 million only for the test events. When all is said and done this could be the most corrupt Olympics ever. What will be the legal consequences?

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Dentsu officials initially denied being aware of any illegality during questioning by prosecutors but have since admitted to collusion.

Lying to officials, concealing financial transactions from authorities are all dealt with very severely in Japan with their rule of law and respected bureaucracy aren't they?

Not if you are Dentsu or LDP.

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It will be very interesting how this will all play out. Especially regarding the commercial TV stations and how they report on it. Dentsu as we all know, controls all advertising in this country. Hell they control just about everything. Now that Abe is gone, one of their biggest supporters and his group is weakened as is Kishida, could this mark the beginning of the end for the most powerful corporation in Japan. Let's hope! But I doubt it.

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You won't need a crystal ball to find the result. Same as every other corruption scandal here involving "officials".

It will be very interesting how this will all play out

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Oh man, that’s going to mean a 5-second bow and loss of one week’s salary for those involved. And they will be forced to wait an extra month after retirement to join the Board of Directors of a Dentsu subsidiary.

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The Japanese government is at “former European colony in Africa” levels of corruption.

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Now hang on a minute... I thought they said they didn't do it?! Isn't this a land of honor and integrity? Well, at least since that's still the case we know they will face severe punishment for their actions.

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This is why I believe the IOC should be DISMANTELED and the Olympic should be handed over to Non Profit Org. run and managed by the athletes of the games for that year , then all proceeds should be donated to charities. This is what the founders had in mind and it should be taken away from these crooks, thieves and scammers.

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Bid rigging is normal in Japan. Happens between my company and our “competitors” all the time.

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Disgraceful. I hope those involved reflect seriously upon their actions, and vow to take measures to prevent such regrettable incidents being revealed in the future.

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At what point, no matter one's political beliefs, do we collectively realize there is the Us ( self-anoited elites ) vs the Them ( non self-anoited elites ) and how much we are all screwed?

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Legalised crime...

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Every association, to this fraud, bribery will be held accountable at every level tax payers money has been sacrificed to this financial horror show........

They suspect the collusion was connected with 26 open bids held from May to August 2018 for the rights to plan test events. These were awarded to nine companies, including Dentsu Inc. and fellow ad giant Hakuhodo Inc, as well as a consortium, for a total of 538 million yen.

The test events -- held so organizers can check for potential problems with operations, security and guiding audiences -- were carried out between 2018 and 2021 before the Summer Games were held after a one-year postponement due to the coronavirus pandemic.

And to add to the political swamp.

According to the sources, almost half of the 26 open bids only had one bidder. Prosecutors suspect that the former operations executive and other officials repeatedly updated a list of firms to use in arranging successful bidders.

The media briefings.

There is a bright side, sadly not for the J Taxpayer.

The IOC is institutionally corrupt to its very core, FIFA eventually were held accountable.

This behaviour will ultimately have consequences.

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I mean let’s face it …there is not an honest politician anywhere in the world! They are worse than used car salesman but the corruption on display here just shows how bad the Japanese system has become. The legal system is totally owned by the politicians otherwise how is mori and his ilk not in jail???

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Here's the corruption perception index, just released today.


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0 surprise

0 consequences

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let’s face it …there is not an honest politician anywhere in the world!

that's too difficult to realistically know because obviously it's impossible that you know all the politicians in the world.

News reports are questionably accurate or unbias.

Reasonable to assume there's atleast one honest politician in the world

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One rule for them, another for the rest of us.

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The only 'good' thing that came out of the Olympics was that due to the pandemic, these bloodsucking parasites weren't fully able to blow their own trumpet as much as they would have.

So so dishonest

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Where ever there is money in a business deal you best believe there is some scheming on one party or the other, most often both parties!

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It's inherent in Japanese Business Culture, so what are you all complaining about ?

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That’s o.k., nobody attended anyway.

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Bid rigging with government politicians and officials? Impossible. That never happens. Lol.

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Much bowing, some demotions, early retirements and scapegoating, and some cash heading back to government accounts where it will be safe and sound.

While we are at it, did anyone audit the construction contracts?

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bid rigging case totaled ¥40 bil

dig deeper then, that number is way too low. guaranteed it's way higher.

Look towards the Abe funeral......

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