Convicted rapist pleads guilty to strangling Japanese woman in New Orleans in 2003


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Incredibly sad and tragic. Yet this kind of crime hardly gets the due outrage and multiple posts compared to other kinds of crime. I hope the sentence gives some measure of comfort to the unfortunate family of the victim, though lacking it is.

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life behind bars without the benefit of probation

I've never heard this one before. I've heard of life without the possibility of probation. Is this a new sentence or translation?

Condolences to Kanako's parents and family. I certainly hope they can remember the living woman rather than focus on her death.

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The mind boggles as to howcome Japanese women always seem to get themselves into such situations overseas. She was their just 5days before she died & she met & hung out with a convicted felon. She obviously was so naive that she never suspected a thing. I think the fantasy land that many Japanese live in & the cool image of the US in their minds makes it only too easy for such predators. I hope any more women thinking about going to the US take some courses in being streetsmart!

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I also forgot to mention, but as above post proves, that in these types of unfortunate crimes the tendency for people here is to somehow 'blame' the Japanese woman. For one thing, how is anyone supposed to know that an individual is a convicted felon, it's not like every single predator is 7 feet tall, with 'killer' tattooed acros his forehead. Second, say what you want about being 'naive,' but isn't it better to be friendly and open than being "xenophobic" and racist and making automatic assumptions about other cultures? Last, the fault here is solely that of the sick criminal who killed her, no one else, any woman of any nationality or color could have been in her position and been killed.

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rjd_jr thankyou i was just thinking the same thing!!! to:boycottolympics so are you under the impression that american women in the US do not get raped as well, or were they all just too stupid and naive to know the "good" people from the "bad"

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I agree with rjd jr and yosuiko.

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Japanese diplomats have asked the police to give Japanese tourists better protection from criminals. The embassy's statistics showed there were 1,646 criminal cases with Japanese tourists as victims last year, and another 1,271 cases in the first six months of this year.


For some reason the Japanese tourist seem to be a magnet for trouble.

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