Convicted thief escapes from open-type prison in Ehime


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Only in Japan... prison windows with no bars.

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Prisons in Norway and Iceland are built like suburbs where the inmates live in shared houses and commute to work within the compound.

I’m guessing this prison was more of rehabilitation facility for low risk offenders.

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Open prisons should be on islands with no bridges, and with factories etc so the inmates can learn work skills.

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the shipyard has seen 19 other people escape since its establishment

build walls

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Open prisons should be on islands with no bridges, and with factories etc so the inmates can learn work skills.

Well, Shikoku is an island and has factories. Unfortunately we have bridges.

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If he was in open prison he was considered not to be dangerous but certainly stupid because once he's caught he will go back to the general population with additional time added.

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Open prisons serve a particular and useful purpose for low risk, non violent prisoners near the end of their sentence.

Zichi, quite right, but sadly there are always the stupid, so there are always going to be a few absconders from open prisons (19 in 57 years is quite good). Doesn't mean the system is broken.

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Couple of guard dog poodles should do the trick.

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Maybe these blokes should hav eto wear all pink clothing while there to assist in finding them if they do a runner.

wearing a black sweatshirt, pants and white gym shoes 

Half the 20 yr olds in Japan dress like that.

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such facilities need a suitable special security system.

Yeah, it's called, a lock!

I understand the point of low security prisons to make it easier to rehab the prisoners and for them to fit back into society. However, the point of a prison is to keep the criminals away from the general public where they may be a danger to others. I admit that only 19 escaping in nearly 60 years is a small number. That's one every three years on average, but it's still too many.

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Yeah, it's called, a lock!

Then it wouldn't be an Open Prison but a locked on.

However, the point of a prison is to keep the criminals away from the general public where they may be a danger to others.

Actually about 80% of prisoners are there for simple theft. But inmates moved to an open prison are not considered a danger to the public.

The idea of prisons is first and foremost about punishment but it's also about rehab back into society.

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Free time - open windows. Certain to make victims of his crime feel ever so much better.

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zichi, I'd just send him back with a pat "Nice try, pal", and just leave it at it without prolonging the sentence. Come on, thieves. It is understandable that is one prison is one of rare good ideas of Japanese society to fight against crime, as in to reform it and prevent proliferation. Not instilling anger in the inmates and making it a "friendly punishment" where they still cooperate with each other is a good way of making sure they do not turn into rabid dogs when returning back to the society. Does not work for capital criminals, alas.

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Only in Japan... prison windows with no bars.

Actually, lots of countries have them. They are designed for low risk prisoners with good records who are near the end of their sentences. In this way, they are part of the rehabilitation process. Absconding is likely to result in being caught, returned to a secure prison with a lengthened sentence. It should be illogical to escape, explaining why so few have escaped from them, given that 100% of prisoners could escape if they wanted. The few that have will not be considred dangerous.

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For Jonney Knoxville; We have them in the U.S., they’re called “Federal Work Camps” and the inmates are actually bused to and from worksites and preform ground maintenance. Like Japan and several other countries worldwide these facilities as a whole detain individuals convicted of “white collard” crimes, street drug dealers, embezzlers, co-conspirators of crimes competed against persons, and etc. and if they “ violate” the rule/regulations established for the work camp confinement they are normally transferred to a hardline (regular) confinement facility. Here the transfer is going to be from one state confinement facility to another state i,e. Florida to Nebraska. Immediate families of inmates are known to move within close vicanity of these facilities because they’re permitted visitation rights on weekends and national holidays. This also works as a deterrent against the inmates violating the rules/regulations.

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“What Hirao here is trying to say is that we felt that the institution no longer had anything to offer us.”

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I recall reading several years ago that some prisoners in this Norway prison alluded to, some inmates refused to participate in the program because it was too much like an actual working environment.

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Let it go let it go, he wants to run wild not violent let him go

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Cricky -Let it go let it go, he wants to run wild not violent let him go

I wonder if you would feel the same if he steals your car or breaks into your home. I'm sure your opinion would change.

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If they want to catch him, why don't they issue his picture?

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