Cop arrested for forging documents, falsifying evidence may have leaked information


Further evidence has reportedly come to light in the case of a 52-year-old policeman from Hyogo Prefecture, suggesting that he leaked confidential information about ongoing cases to members of the public.

Assistant Inspector Yozo Tsunemi and three accomplices were already under arrest for allegedly forging police documents and arranging false eye-witness testimony when the new evidence came to light.

TV Asahi reported Tuesday the new evidence suggests Tsunemi asked a real estate agent acquaintance, who gave false testimony, to check on a car and its owner, revealing that both were under investigation at the time. Another source, arrested in a different case, also claims to have an audio recording of Tsunemi discussing the falsification of official documents.

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So what'll happen to these key-stones? A month with 30% less pay? A stern warning?

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smith - That sounds about right......that and the usual worn out, useless statement about - "we,ll make efforts that it doesn,t happen again " - until another bad cop story comes out in a few days. Nothing changes.

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They were drunk at the time....

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Grade "A" police work. One step away from extracting confessions from suspects. Seems to be a lot of unaccountable policing here in Japan.

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Perhaps there will be an announcement that they "currently plan to study the matter". This is the kind of dramatic step that may be necessary.

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Perhaps they'll be demoted to checking bicycle registrations ........don't even think they're fit for that duty.

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I thought it was common practice, dont they like him any more??

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Don't forget the "we'll make every effort to restore public trust" statement to the press.

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Hey guys, remember who arrested these cops. It wasn't the fire department that arrested them. Not ALL of the police are posers.

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remember who arrested these cops

one in a million, lottery!!!

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Exactly, just claim you were drunk you don't remember anything and you get off scott free in Japan

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Money is an attraction around the globe and such people I call 'CROOKS'.

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In most developed countries, the convictions of people he put away would be subject to review.

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