Cop commits suicide after killing policewoman


Saitama prefectural police said Saturday that a police officer was found dead after he apparently killed a policewoman to whom he was engaged.

According to police, the body of patrolman Takuya Sekiguchi, 24, was found outside his apartment building in Sayama after he jumped to his death at around 5 a.m., NTV reported. Inside his third-floor apartment, police found the body of policewoman Yoko Mamiya, 24, who had been stabbed to death. The knife was left near her body.

NTV reported that Sekiguchi and Mamiya were childhood friends who had both joined the police force in April 2012. They had been engaged and planned to get married in March but the wedding was postponed.

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This is an incredible tragedy. My heart goes out to their families. 24-year-olds are just children. They still had so much to learn and so much to experience. So much growth to do.

Young people dying (in any circumstance) makes me sick to my stomach.

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What a horrible ending to a childhood friendship! I should like to think that most boy/girl childhood friendships that move on to dating and engagements end with long happy marriages that most people cannot obtain by meeting later in life.

Its impossible to say, but my immediate suspicion is that some guy came between them. Even if true, it is no excuse for Takuya's actions. No excuse can be made anyway.

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That is so sad. It makes me wonder why people hold on too tight!!! I understand loving someone immensely but when it is done, it is done. There are so many other fish in the sea!!!!!!

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The most turbulent emotions I ever felt were during a love affair in my late teens. Sometimes it's purely hormonal. I'm grateful that my mind / body has settled down in the interim. But it's scary what the raw passion of love can drive people to do.

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I guess he ouldn't take "no" for an answer. The wedding was probably postponed because she found out too late that there was something wrong with him.

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How can you die falling from the third floor? Injuries, yes, but dying?

-12 ( +2 / -14 )

It doesn't say he jumped from the third floor, just that he lived there.

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How can you die falling from the third floor? Injuries, yes, but dying?

Land head first.

8 ( +10 / -2 )

Can't imagine a policeman committing murder.

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Sounds like she was having second thoughts about the wedding and he couldn't handle it.

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Who said he jumped from the 3rd floor? You know that most people don’t live on the top floor of their apartments and most apartments are taller than 3 floors right? “Hey I live on the 3rd floor, but my building has 12 floors. Oh look, an elevator.” Hello?


But this guy was an ass. If he was going to stab someone he should have tested his methods on himself first. Her life is over because of him, for no reason. Sorry for her and her family.

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How can you die falling from the third floor? Injuries, yes, but dying?

Diving head first onto concrete could probably kill from three stories up.

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May both find peace!

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"If I can't have you, nobody will!"

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Not a lot of detail, but from the sounds of it, the "postponement" was a rethinking of the wedding as a whole (by the woman), and hence you have motivation from one side. In any case, sad story. RIP to the woman.

And Saitama again!

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Sorry for her and her family.

Agree. This guy was obviously not that of sound mind. How can such a person even be let into police training. Don't they have tests to weed out the mentally unstable in the Japanese police academy? Probably not. Not that it really matter where this nut worked but it makes it scary to know so many young police officers here clearly have problems being role models.

Feel very sorry for the girl and her family. The guy's family as well but for the perp himself: no sympathy at all.

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How can you die falling from the third floor? Injuries, yes, but dying? you can die from falling from the 2nd floor, all depends how hard the surface is you land on and if you land headfirst.

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IF you REALLY love someone, you will let them GO, no matter how much it hurts; I did.

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May Jesus have Mercy for both of them.

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Anytime cops are involved, things may not be what appears.

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When it comes to matters of the heart there is no understanding the lengths that people will go. It seems like omplete selfishness on the part of Sekiguchi. Most everyone has their heartbroken at least one time in their life and feel sorry for themselves. How this feeling can motivate a person to kill the one they love with such intensity is beyond rational explanation.

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Rejection is dangerous here. RIP

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This is sad all around. I wonder, whose idea was it to join the police force? If it was the girl's then maybe the guy followed suit. I bring this up because maybe if the guy did it to just follow the girl, he may not have realy been mentally prepared to continue on in the police since as some have suggested that she may have wanted to cool things off. Or it could be the other way around (but I doubt it).

I remember back when I was that young and a guy I knew who had been with the same girl sicne high school broke up with "the one" and what a sad situation that put him in. While it is great that you may be able to find "the one" at a young age and can stick together, if he was truly dedicated to her, he probably didn't fool around on the side. That means that all during those formative years of becoming a man, dating and getting turned down and learning the right manner to approach the opposite sex is very crucial to a youn man's development. Not saying that one should just sow their seeds everywhere, but 24 is staill a very formative age. More so probably here in Japan since one is not really an adult until 20.

The fact that they were both rookies on the force, probably just finished their basic and still under training and probably came to the point where their initial assignments was given. My guess is that they were going to be in seperate areas, and probably the girl was looking forward to some "me" time and the guy was not ready for it, as I mentioned above. Just my rough stab at trying to analyze this senseless tragedy.

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While I do agree with the condolences to the families, this next bit... "24-year-olds are just children. " Is just a bunch of Hoo Hah. Anyone with a pulse is someone's child, do we cut all of them some slack? The Tepco meltdown couldn't be helped... After all Tepco's executives are just children... See how ridiculous that sounds? It is this attitude that allows 18-80 yr olds the opportunity to remain "children". Lets just admit that parents and society are failing to teach these people personal accountability, and ethics. I know 16 year olds with their heads screwed on tighter than that guy. I'm not here to debate whether being a well brought up, accountable 16 yr old is right or wrong, but at 24 years old anyone with half a brain and a sliver of conscience knows that this was wrong. Do the world a favor and quit enabling the children to run the playground.

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what a tragedy!

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How tragic! Childhood friends and engaged to be married... they must have been so happy at one time, then something happened.... we'll never know. RIP

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I am very sorry to hear this for both familiies and for the girl. For the monster who killed her, NO sympathy from me ever. He deserves to suffer in Hell forever. He had no right to take life from the lady he supposedly loved. None. Ever. And the police need to seriously study their enrollment testing, i am sure they are thinking hard about it already, for they will feel deep sorrow that such a monster could have crept into their usually fine ranks of men and women. I hope for reform if needed, peace for the families and a better life for the lady when reborn.

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What a tragic story. I'm guessing that Castle Doctrine's suspicion about another guy being involved could possibly be correct. I feel sorry for this couple. I have been in this guy's shoes. You try to build a life with a girl you love, a girl you've been with for years, and then all of a sudden she leaves you. You later find out a couple days later she already with another guy. All of this could really mess up a guy. Like, it hits you out of no where and you lose all common sense and begin to think about doing bad things; like killing your ex and her new lover.

I know most of you would say, "there are many fishes in the sea", but it's not that simple for some. It could be an all consuming obsession to exact revenge. I almost let it get to me and I regained my common sense not to do something bad because of some b*&$%. I'm not saying what the guy did was right. I'm just saying..I have been there and it's tragic.

To quote Confucius, "Before you embark on a journey of revenge, dig two graves."

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