Corporate bribery crackdown around the world put on back burner in recession


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One person's bribe is another person's marketing fee, consulting allowance, or contract retainer...

The proliferation of private boxes at the sports event, corporate sponsorship of events, rounds of golf, tennis lunches, basking in the glow of sponsored celebrities and sports stars is just another subtle form of bribery....but more socially acceptable.

In many parts of the world, if you cannot make money off a deal, you're a very poor businessman....

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Bribery is part of the culture here, so why would there be any effort to do anything about it? All those who should be stopping it are on the take themselves.

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Its all matter of degree and honor. The banks and others that advertise "cash back" and "rewards"... most people are happy to be "a little corrupt" and thats the gateway to the proverbial road to perdition.

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Well, Japan has certainly never had any corruption crackdown and unless political situation changes drastically after the next election , it probably never will have one in the future either.

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Transparency International tried to set me up with phoney government officials, but I ... saw right through them.

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Very subtle, Kaz.

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