Couple arrested for pouring scalding water over 11-year-old boy


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No pun intended here, these stories literally make me burn inside! I want these two to feel the same pain and agony that this poor child felt. Not to mention the mental trauma he must be going through, to know that it was his parents, the people who SHOULD be protecting him, were the guilt one's causing him this pain.

I hope he gets all the love and attention he needs to get over this!

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to know that it was his parents, the people who SHOULD be protecting him, were the guilt one's causing him this pain

Neither of these people were the victim's parent.

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Did these burns leave permanent scars (the wrinkly skin)? Hope he can make a full recovery without scars.

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Both of the accused need their faces submerged in boiling water

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Not to mention the mental trauma he must be going through, to know that it was his parents

This looks like a cult/religious thing, not the parents.

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Reading up a little more about this, it looks like the mother was also being abused, and they 'escaped' when they got out.

It took the son three years to speak. Imagine the trauma these people must have inflicted on him for it to take three years away from them before he broke his silence.

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Of course, some people will claim coercion doesn't exist, and that this mother and son are responsible for what happened due to the existence of free will and their not escaping sooner.

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Wow arrest those cult members, so wrong, the mother needs to leave these parasites and not be suckered into such BS.

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More child abuse that the government will do nothing about.

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Do on to others as others would do onto you !!! In other words pour scalding hot water over the couple that poured the water over the 11 year old boy. Don't do to others if you don't wanted done to you. Hope they do plenty of prison time.

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At least they've admitted the charge. These religious cults are dangerous, they target vulnerable people, people who are lost and then offer a 'better' life, which ultimately is a life of dependence, restriction and captivity with punishment thrown in for good measure

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what in the world are people thinking?? rejects...

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This makes me angry. That poor kid :(

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I don't understand the relationship here. The mom and her boy lived with the couple because they met through a religious activity? What does that mean? Did the couple adopt the family?

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Wish Japan allowed an eye for an eye type punishment.  I'd be first in line to boil and then pour that water on them!

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Shame they can't really be punished in this nation, according to the newest legislation, which is "against abuse" but clearly states there is no punishment for said abuse, only suggestion that parents stop it.

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The act of pouring scalding water on anyone is already a crime called Injury. Thus the non-hurry to institute an additional administrative criminal liability.

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I doubt anyone will find any religion that prescribes scalding water to punish children. Nuts are either born or made and its usually cruel psychological and/or physical treatment that makes them and its generally people who create that, not religions. But its real popular to just scapegoat religion for everything these days so not expecting much support for a such a simple statement.

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