Crime stats down across Japan in 2012, says NPA


The number of confirmed criminal offenses officially recorded in Japan in 2012 was half that of 2002, the National Police Agency said Thursday.

According to the NPA, the number of offenses recorded in 2002 was the highest on record at around 2.85 million, Fuji TV reported. In 2012, the NPA said 1,382,154 confirmed criminal cases were recorded, a 6.7% decrease from 2011.

The agency said that there was a general downward trend in the official logging of offenses and that the number of confirmed murders and attempted murders -- 1,030 -- was the lowest on record since World War II. However, the agency added that the number of violent crimes recorded was up 8.9%. The NPA said police solved 437,674 cases in 2012.

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Really? Reading JT all last year it would seem that it is up especially after reading all the articles about babies being kill by parents.

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The key point is official recorded. In the UK, this system is considered to be flawed. We have figures for suspected crime using data from other organisations. This gives a more realistic view on crime.

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Statistics can be read in any number of different ways and one's like these here need to be taken with little more than a grain of salt.

It's a PR campaign by the police, nothing more, nothing less.

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Good news, I guess, but how do murders and attempted murders go into the same category?

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Often we read of crimes being reported to the police and the police don't want to know, or do, anything about it. Such crimes are not included in these statistics.

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the number of confirmed murders and attempted murders—1,030—was the lowest on record since World War II.

Seeing as how they like to call it "Illegally disposing of a body" in cases when finding a corpse, I am not especially surprised.

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Happily this is a world-wide trend, though as many have stated such statistical are not entirely reliable, but there is definitely a falling trend especially in violent crime in the last 20 years.

Richard Dawkings claimed in a recent documentary this is because of the move away from religion, while a recent Washington Times article on recent research found a direct correlation between the decrease in leaded petrol and violent crime around the world.

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Are kids not counted because they are not adult yet? Seems that every week there is some infanticide news.

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So I guess killing your own kids in Japan is not a crime??? Or maybe it was just overlooked??

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HAHA, it must be because Cops are too busy picking up childrens corpes to notice other crime. My car was stolen last year and my wallet on 2 separate occasions and Cops did nothing. I bet the crime wasn't even recorded.

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Shouldn't the heading of "Crime stats down across Japan in 2012, says NPA" be "Lazy NPA hiding more crimes under the carpet" ? e.g. Fact - Only around 10% of dead bodies that the police are involve with, are autopsied - most are just treated as "Suicide" to save investigation & paperwork. I've been told from the horses mouth that most Yakuza crimes are sweep under the carpet!

Lazy, bureacrats just reporting censored government propaganda!

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Were the violent crimes of TEPCO et al given due consideration in the previous year? Or are those numbers 'not considered ledger worthy'?

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Crime is NOT down, its more VIOLENT and perverse. Just look at the news this morning.

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Wow, crime is only half of what it was just 10 years ago, according to this!

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