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Criminal complaint filed over Finance Ministry's document disposal


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Just another part of the spin campaign designed to deflect attention away from the two most guilty

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He's targeting the wrong people.... should be against Abe and Aso.

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I hope he can keep his job and doesn't get fired.

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With all of the evidence in the shreader already, I can't see a prosecution succeeding.

That said, I hope this will lead to more complaints being filed, especially in the Kake University case.

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Oh have no fear, this will come to absolutely nothing.

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He's targeting the wrong people.... should be against Abe and Aso.

In a real democracy, he would be.

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prosecutors had ... investigated Sagawa and others on suspicion of altering official documents, but are not pressing charges against them due to lack of evidence ...

The ministry has admitted it disposed of and doctored documents 

So it sounds like the prosecutors are either utterly incompetent, or they have got the message from their masters to not press charges.

When the ministry itself has admitted its wrong-doing, how could a serious prosecutor cite "lack of evidence" for not pressing charges?

What is this country?

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Thank you Professor Hiroshi Kamiwaki. Sometimes, in order to get to the slippery, shadier people on top, you need to go after the easier, lower ranking targets - to create a chance for evidence to be entered into the public record, for witnesses to be questioned in open court (not just in parliament, and for witnesses to be subpoenaed. So far Akie has not said a word. Shinzo has refused to have her testify in the Diet.

Now, if Professor Kamiwaki's complaint leads to charges (not sure how this works - if anyone can explain, please do) Ms. Abe, can be forced to testify, even if Mr. Abe gets to claim some special immunity.

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Abe has repeatedly said that neither he nor his wife was involved in the price cut deal.

So, Sagawa is the fall guy?

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So, Sagawa is the fall guy?

Yep, looks like it.

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So, is the "official" story that this Sagawa dude acted on his own volition and ordered these records disposed of by the Finance Ministry, or did someone order the Ministry to do it, or what? As fxgai said above, "What is this country"?

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Sagawa will be released from police investigation, some "power" from above?

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The prosecutors can find "no evidence" even though the ministry has admitted falsifying documents and has shown the "before" and "after" versions to the public. Don't they realise how ridiculous this makes them look? The only logical explanation for not pressing charges is that Abe has ordered them not to. Somehow they found enough evidence to keep that Kagoike in jail for a year without trial, but the same evidence does not implicate any bureaucrats?

I thought the courts here were supposed to be independent of the government, but it's clear that Japan is no different to China, where the courts do as they are told. The prosecutors should all be fired and replaced with people who are able to do the job they are paid for.

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"no evidence" basically amounts to staring all the evidence in the face with hands over your eyes.

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Kamiwaki told reporters that if a criminal charge is not pursued it would encourage the state and politicians to "actively dispose of records that are not in their favor," thus undermining democracy.

Only in Japan, wearing its thin, tatamae of a so-called 'democracy' could someone say something like this with a straight face.

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