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Crossbow arrow fired at truck on Joban Expressway in Ibaraki Prefecture


A crossbow arrow was fired at a large truck on the Joban Expressway in Kasumigaura City, Ibaraki Prefecture, on Wednesday. The driver, a man in his 20s, was not injured, police said.

The incident occurred at around 6 p.m., NHK reported. The truck was in the northbound lane. The driver told police he heard a noise as if something had hit the truck door. When he stopped to see what it was, he found an arrow embedded in the passenger seat door.

Police said the arrow measured about 1 cm in diameter and was 50 cm long.

There was no one in the passenger seat.

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What a strange weapon to fire at such a target. I wonder what the objective was.

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Glad he/she missed.

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an arrow embedded in the passenger seat door.

Damn! This country is going to heck!

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Get that loser clown and punish..

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