Cyberattacks hit Japanese embassies, consulates in 9 countries


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They must have stopped issuing Visas(?!)

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Or stopped using the local brothels.

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And China us our friend??

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This virus seems to be spreading faster then the flu

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Informations sells, and everyone is buying.

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Is it called the " Kawaii " virus ?

Japan has wikileaks now ?

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“Virus infections are not a recent phenomenon, but have been experienced for a long time,” he said.

But you allow your computers to get infected just shows your ability to not to be able to handle it or not understand the issue.

They still don't understand that because these are high value targets (paid state sponsored) virus writers will create new virii to attack them, you wont pick them up on virus scanners because they were custom written for the target.

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Cyberattackers are internet terrorists, and Japan was just raped.

Changing id and password will not solve core problems as attackers already figured out whole operation systems. They can break it again and again unless Japanese IT systems and security systems are completely rewritten. These cyberattackers can break into systems to shut down airport controls, utilities, transportations, bankings, hospitals and everything else that depend on computerized systems. Be proactive and aggressive against these cyberattackers. This is a national security issue. Again, I would like to repeat that they are internet terrorists! US government has been investing a lot on IT security. Most attacks are coming from Russia and China and some of them are paid by their government. FYI

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The US gouvernmet & its israeli ally are then "internet terrorists" too. I just say Stuxnet

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Thats windows for you.

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I really doubt the USA and Israel would hurt Japan !! Now china?? North Korea?? Russia?? I would put my $$$ on those bad bad countries!! IMHO??

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CCP at work again.

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Buy a MAC!

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Japan should take a play from the Chinese game book. Launch a cyber attack on them and then play stupid and condemn it with words. :)

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" IchLiebeDichOCT. 27, 2011 - 11:30AM JST The US gouvernmet & its israeli ally are then "internet terrorists" too..."

No way, Must be from China ! Routine reporting pattern can't change -- Japan must be victim in such typical reports..

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Yes, China really wants to spy on Japan etc..but Israel and the USA?? No need to spy on Japan, better for them to spy on China and North Korea right??

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As long as there is internet available across the globe then this kind of thing will happen. It's to be expected. Some people just don't care or believe that their hacking serves some greater purpose, like they are helping humanity or some just cause. It's still the wrong way to go in most cases.

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