Cybercriminals target phones; Android most exposed: analysts


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that's why for the past 12 years, i never thought of giving up my blackberry.

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Apple all the way

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This is why "OPEN SOURCE" software is not secure. Because anyone can see source of soft, it is easy to hack. People worried about security should use Japanese keitai such as Casio.,They are not hacked.

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Japanese cellphones ARE BEING HACKED, I just saw it on the Japanese news the other day, so Android?? No, no way, I will stick to my IPHONE!!

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Android’s security model basically says, it is the responsibility of the end user to judge if an application is secure. I think that is asking too much from the user.

The posts here are proving this statment to be true...... Please somebody save me from myself!

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cheaper equals getting scammed and iphone equals running smooth. So which is it? Cheaper or Better? You choose.....dumb wits

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yup Gabarrazi, I'm also sticking to my BlackBerry

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hm, why is apache one of the most used server systems, it's open source and very save, because anyone can see the code, buggy parts are more quickly fixed.

this issue is because the end users should use their brains, an wallpaper app that ask access to all data is dodgy!

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Be responsible for yourself. Exercise sound judgement. If you like the nanny-state to do your thinking for you, then you are free to use iphone. If you choose to do your own thinking, choose Android. If you download dodgy apps, that's your choice, and your risk. I use Android, rooted, but choose my apps carefully and disable permissions as I see fit.

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Moral of the story: if you want a phone rather than a computer, get an iPhone. If you like doing techie things on your phone go for Android. If you don't want to stay up at night worrying about security, get an iPhone. Apple does the filtering for you.

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This is why "OPEN SOURCE" software is not secure. Because anyone can see source of soft, it is easy to hack.

Source code of closed source software can be regenerated with disassemblers and decompilers. Although such source code will not be adequate for maintaining the application, it will be enough to create malicious code. Among security experts it is well known that "security by obscurity" does not work at all (Microsoft, Sony, Skype etc.).

Closed source is just a business model where the source code is considered a trade secret. Companies who support closed source model rely on armies of lawyers to protect their trade secret. They will sue you if you reverse engineer their software, that's all.

When it comes to security it really does not matter if it's open source or not. Source code is always available.

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This is why "OPEN SOURCE" software is not secure. Because anyone can see source of soft, it is easy to hack.

I cannot believe I was stupid to get an android phone, and then have it activated to CRICKET wireless! Oh well, live and learn.

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