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Cyclist robbed by three men in Saitama


A cyclist was robbed by three men early Sunday morning in Kawajima, Saitama Prefecture, police said.

According to police, the 18-year-old victim was riding home from work at about 2:30 a.m. when three men jumped him from a field beisde the road, Fuji TV reported. They knocked him off his bike, kicked and punched him and stole 32,000 yen.

The victim sustained light injuries. He described his attackers as being teenagers, of thin build, about 165-170 cms tall and dressed in black.

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These "big guys" were probably bullies during their school years and maybe just decided toi "carry on" after leaing school ?

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The cash society invites this problem, because everyone knows that anyone can be carrying at least 10.000 Yen, and if you need some money, just attack a person or two and you're set. Credit cards and personal checks like in America, leave a trail, but are safer.

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Wow, that is really sad. In the USA, I was also attacked late at night, riding home on my bike from a lowly job. Don't think the guy was after my pitiful dollars though. Still haunts me.

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You are responsible for your own safety always be aware of whats going on around you.

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Ouch! Safety Japan is disappearing.

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