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Daycare center teacher arrested for allegedly licking body of 5-year-old girl


Police in Tokyo on Wednesday arrested a 22-year-old male daycare center teacher on suspicion of indecent assault after he allegedly licked the lower part of the body of a five-year-old girl at the daycare center in Shimo, Kita Ward, where he is employed.

Officers from Akabane police station said the suspect, Kazuki Fukumoto, has denied the allegation and quoted him as saying, "I was concerned about a previous injury the girl had and I simply touched the spot. I did not lick her.”

According to police, the incident occurred inside the daycare center’s restroom at around 11 a.m. on Sept 20, Sankei Shimbun reported.

Police said Fukumoto was hired at the daycare center in April of this year and was assigned as the head teacher of his victim’s class. At the time of the alleged assault, Fukumoto was in the girl’s toilet helping her to change clothes. After returning home that day, the girl reported the incident to her father.

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Arrested just by the report by the child to her father.

Well that is a very strange thing for a male teacher to do in a bathroom to little kidz, and I hope that a pedophile has been weeded out and never allowed in with any children again.

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Some hoikuen pre-schools hide teacher's indecent and violent behavior, a Meguro Hoikuen teacher scared students so some quit going Meguro Ward Office and tried to hide it from media but eventually the teacher was fired. A Dendo Hoiuken teacher violently stuck an American father in the chest 3x, Meguro Police refused to accept a criminal complaint, Meguro Ward office failed to punish the teacher or apologize to the parent. Dendo Hoikuen lied about the incident which was witnessed by the father's daughter.

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he allegedly licked the lower part of the body of a five-year-old girl

 It did not say "private lower part of the body" it could have been the thigh or a leg?

Changing of clothes in hoikuen is a norms but it's not done individually, girls would be on the other room and the boys would be separate with teacher's supervision (atleast that's what they practice in my daughter's daycare) especially not just in a restroom alone with a male teacher.

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i know this is sexist but male day care teachers give me the creeps. and this news doesn't help any.

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This is a very sad part of today's modern society where a young man can be arrested on the testimony of a five-year-old girl. I'm not saying if he did or didn't do it. It's just that, there are so many creeps around these days a young man cannot be put into a position where is alone with a young girl for fear of accusations, whether they are factual or not. I work in high schools and colleges and had a similar thing happen to me. I am very cautious about interactions with all students, not just females and will never interact with them anywhere than common areas. However, a fortnight ago I chastised a junior high 3rd grade boy for misbehaving in the classroom and he received punishment from his homeroom teacher for it. He turned around and told his homeroom teacher I was taking photos of the girls and posting them on FaceBook. This went straight to the top, of course, and I found myself in a meeting with the head teacher and vice principal the very next morning. They were both extremely angry and convinced I was some kind of sexual deviate. I offered to show them my FaceBook page to prove it was a straight-up revengeful lie and while I was flicking through pages to get to my homepage the head teacher commented, "Are you deleting the files now?" I got to my page and they weren't even interested in looking at it. It wasn't until three days later one of the other English teachers told me they had checked my page and there were no photos of girls on it. But then, the same teacher who made the snipe about me deleting files said, "Oh, they must be on his private page." By this time I was ready to clock this butt-hole! I then logged onto my FaceBook page on his computer and made him go through my whole history to prove to him there were no photos of female students on my FaceBook page. After he was convinced it was a lie he just said, "Oh, OK!" No apologies or acknowledgement of a false accusation. This is the trouble with today's society. It only takes one snipe from a snotty-nosed little brat and your life is over because of all the other creeps!

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Rule 1. Girls should never be going to the toilet with male staff.

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Unless she has some kind of physical disability, a five year old little girl doesn't need help to change clothes. Pervert. And that licking comment is to out of the blue for an innocent five-year-old. I doubt she could make up something like that. String him up.

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I bet the specific details were left out out of decency, because she's just a little five year old girl

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"This is the trouble with today's society. It only takes one snipe from a snotty-nosed little brat and your life is over because of all the other creeps!"

I see these about to bonsai nutcracks, everywhere these dayz., just lookin for an angle.

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Disillusioned - thats a horrific story. There must be something you can do to see these teachers and student are punished for libel . Are there no libel laws in Japan? Get yourself a lawyer and see what can be done.

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Hopefully there will be wearable technology soon that teachers can use to record their actions.

Like cops and drivers, I think everyone wants to make sure they can’t be ruined by anyone else.

Its impossible to say whether he did it or not, as children can be coerced by their parents to decide that something happened.

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The principle of innocent until proven guilty works quite well. The key is to really think about what those words mean and to actually put them into practice.

Unfortunately, many people don't when it comes to sex related crimes. They just want to 'string him up'. The paradox is that the more we stigmatise a particular crime as being beyond the pale, the more devastating the consequences will be on the lives of people wrongly accused, and in turn, the more reluctant people will become to report their suspicions to authorities in borderline cases for fear of destroying someone's life. We need to strike a better balance.

Even if this man is acquitted, his name is out there to be googled. I think anonimity for people who are accused of sex crimes (and not yet convicted) is something worth looking into.

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Disillusioned - thats a horrific story. There must be something you can do to see these teachers and student are punished for libel . 

Oh, don't worry. I did seek legal advice and spoke to the general union. However, any action would have resulted in being fired for being a troublemaker, which is what I was told by the general union rep. Of course I responded with, "Wouldn't that be unfair dismissal?" but, that's not the case in Japan. I 'might' have been able to get some form of compensation or even an apology, but I was warned they could make up just about any excuse to fire me. Just watch yourselves people. There is a real 'creep paranoia' in Japanese society, which shouldn't be surprising considering just how many creeps are out there preying on young girls.

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"I was warned they could make up just about any excuse to fire me. " There is no Justice for gaigins in Japan.

You u here that American people, time to stop dancing, and take a real look at J-land.

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Too many disturbing things in this story !

they should nail his tongue to his hand.

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Transgender being women becoming men or the other way round?

But agree no female adults with male children either. Noticed still lots of news of female teachers seducing their students.

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Confidence is key.

Perverts do no make one single bad act. They continue. So easy to catch.

No one shall be said guilty until proven so.

About that case, there is no proof he did.

If she said he would transform into pokemon to afraid her, no one would believe her...

Being sensible makes sensible judgement.

If there are clues showing he is a perv, desl harshly. Before then, he is a simple daycarecenter employer like all others.

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But agree no female adults with male children either. 

There is a never ending spiral with regards to issues like these, and there are just too many cases where it was male adults molesting male children.

This article leaves out plenty of small but important details that were reported in the Japanese media btw.

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I read he “kicked” her then saw it that he “licked” her. The chap with the vindicative high school boy is one thing, but I can’t imagine a 5 year old making things up like that though it’s possible.

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The scary thing is, most parents are so desperate to get their kids into one of the limited childcare spots, that there is very little vetting done before putting their applications in. My wife has been to around 15 places now, and some were quite dodgy looking (staff that looked like they were just part-time workers, totally disinterested), yet they still had waiting lists of people who had applied. Others were barely more than a one-room apartment, with 30 kids in it, each paying 80,000yen a month to be there.

And since childcare work is such a lowly paid job, this must make the prospect of running your own childcare center sound very lucrative... Profits through the roof, just rent a place, hire some cheap childcare workers, done. Unfortunately, as they say, pay peanuts, get monkeys...

If only childcare work was a licensed, and respected profession. Where the license included psychological evaluation and background checks. It would eliminate much of the problems IMO

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Some male teachers get false allegations against them, I would suggest they wear body cams but you can't even have that in Japan because of the privacy act on filming people. If he is a predator then harsh punishment but if not them I hope he's cleared.

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If he has not yet been charged, why have the police named him?

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