Dead man found in ditch had 10 stab wounds, police say


Police in Chiryu, Aichi Prefecture, said Thursday that a man whose body was found in a ditch along a rural road on Wednesday, had 10 stab wounds.

Police identified the victim as Masahiro Miura, 29, an unemployed resident of Okazaki, Aichi Prefecture, TV Tokai reported. A man walking his dog along the road at around 6 a.m. saw a car with the left front tire hanging over the ditch after it crashed through a wire fence, and called police.

When police arrived and searched the area near the car, the found Miura’s body, covered with grass and soil, in the ditch. Police said he had been stabbed in the upper body and face. His upper body was bare.

Police said the car belonged to Miura and that he was last seen alive at around 5 p.m. on Tuesday.

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10x’s in upper body and face? They really wanted him dead! - 6am first edition doesn’t report if blood found in car and he bled out from wounds he’d received elsewhere.

This reads like he ran off/was run off the road into a narrow “mizo”, concrete irrigation ditch and someone stalked him, stabbed him and covered him up so no one would immediately find him at night.

Road rage or a planned killing in a remote area?

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Check local pachinko parlors where he lived maybe he was in debts.

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This seems suspicious. I suspect foul play.

I wonder if he was stabbed after he crashed or before.

Lots of possible scenarios either way.

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I read here a lot of shark loans related crimes comments, i think they are goid comments, that kind of crime is supported by some rich guy lending money indirectly at a Casino and then they have this criminals to kill the people or make them sign contracts and take their properties, i knew one like that, father of a friend, very rich, disgusting rich.

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