Death penalty sought for 'black widow' serial killer


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She may be pure evil, but she is an old woman, so good luck making the death penalty stick

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She deserves to swing.

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One reason that the death penalty is supported in Japan is that it prevents personal revenges.

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That's a trick comment, because the death penalty itself is a type of revenge. Nice try

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Check "47 Ronin" in Wikipedia. The revenge was admired in Japan in the past. The death penalty is not a type of revenge. It is justice.

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The state maintains the right to kill as its exclusive and jealously guarded privilege. Nothing makes this more clear than capital punishment, which argues that killing is wrong and so the state must kill killers...

Mark Kurlansky "Non-Violence - The History Of A Dangerous Idea."

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death penalty is killing, so same as the killers, just one side wears a uniform.

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I'll bet they hand down the death penalty and then suspend it, leaving her in prison for life! This woman is slick and knows how to play games. If she is truly sick, then put her in an institution for the rest of her life!

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They should've labeled her "The Gold Digger Killer" or "The Killer Gold Killer".

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Minster of Justice usually doesn't approve cases like this give her age, its serves nothing but giving bad reputation to the MoJ him/herself.

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death penalty is killing, so same as the killers, just one side wears a uniform.

Not to me. One of the 2 targeted innocent people and certainly conducted no sort of trial before deciding on their fate.

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Justice ministry probably would never decide to order them to execute such an old woman. She will die in the prison some years later.

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Give her the death penalty so she doesn't have the hope of a suspended sentence, then keep her in jail till the end of her days.

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hang her. old or not, when that cord gets wrapped around their neck, theres no difference.

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Sad that Japan still supports capital punishment, as most civilised countries has abolished this barbarian and completely useless custom.

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I don't know what's worse being executed quickly or waiting on death row for the rest of your life. Whatever it is she deserves it.

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People always abhor the death of a murderer... And care not for her (his) victims. They devolve into religious and/or silly scenarios for justification. Death sovles the problem of aberrant humans.

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People always abhor the death of a murderer... And care not for her (his) victims.

Not at all. Victims come first but murder is still murder. Whether carried out by the perp or the state.

They devolve into religious and/or silly scenarios for justification. Death sovles the problem of aberrant humans.

And what of the "aberrant humans" who clamour for retribution?

Some countries carry out death penalties in accordance with their warped take on religion.

Some do it as a show of power and just because they can. Regardless of religion.

All of it is barbaric.

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Deal with it.

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Hang this evil creature.

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If she is proven without doubt of being Guilty, then what is decided next, may then be driven by Financial costs involved, i.e. The cost of imprisonment versus the Death sentence.

Imprisonment would also entail medication costs, etc. All of which would have to be paid for out of the Public coffers, possibly over a 10-20+ year period.

The Death sentence, would draw the matter to a close, but is rather an unpleasant thing to consider, for all involved.

Simply releasing her back to the Public, under some sort of rehab scheme, would be out of the question, given her track record of committing the same crime.

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Deal with it.

I am. I'm engaging in this discussion, rather than making meaningless posturings.

How does death solve anything?

Do you support death penalties because they are an alleged deterrent?

Or because it's a form of retribution?

Or because it makes you feel better?

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Hang this evil creature.

And there you go. Reducing a human being to a concept, a monster. Much like she did to her victims, I imagine.

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You know thing with this death penalty for her age does not matter because even if the court does sentence her to death. She won't be hanged for at least another 10 - 15 years. so its basically sentenced to 15 years in death row prison for her age. Look at some of the notorious terrorist like Asahara shouko and other serial killers. They are still alive in prison today.

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Governments enjoying the power to administer death are only made possible when the people whose will they are supposed to represent are physically intimidated (dictatorships) and/or mentally enslaved by the chains of their illogical, immature minds, impervious to rational, scientific ways of thinking. The majority of Japanese who allegedly support the death penalty are stressed out by long hours of work and money worries and do not have the time or inclination to think about such an "abstract" topic, especially when there is no real public debate and no powerful political group or media organization to nudge public opinion in the direction of abolition. This will be the task of a future, more enlightened and mentally liberated generation.

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The death penalty is not a type of revenge. It is justice.

Justice sounds like revenge.

I think the four parts of a penalty are: prevention/deterrent, restitution, retribution, and rehabilitation maybe or getting them off the street so they don't commit more crimes.

Good laws should only focus on deterrence (Holmes' "Bad Man" theory) and should not focus on retribution or justice. Too many emotions involved and nothing is solved, i.e., it doesn't directly address what should be the goal of the law in preventing the crime.

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Hear, hear! : )

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Death sovles the problem of aberrant humans.

It certainly takes them off the street, but a law that prevents the murder in the first place would be better.

So, giving away short prison terms for homicides, rapes, etc actually doesn't help. They should all be at least 20 years regardless of the gomenasai's.

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...let her swing.

And to the person questing death penalty, you have no saying in this until your wife/husbands/children, etc die a horrible death at the hands of a fellow human. Until then, your opinion is worthless, really.

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No, if she is proven guilty, and there is no hope for rehabilitation, either whilst imprisoned or otherwise, then anything other than garbage disposal would be a waste of Taxpayers money.

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Just a thought for debate (relating to this matter, and others similar to it).

We take the wrong approach to imprisoning people. What good does that do, except to give them more contacts who will encourage like or worse behavior. Perhaps an alternative approach is required - imprison only those who are deemed an immediate Danger to others, but in both cases apply a rehabilitation / targeted correction to the individual - with meaningful Support, post correction. If that is beyond any possibility of success, then the person should be considered for the ultimate punishment - categorized as Garbage to Society, and scheduled for appropriate disposal in the local incinerator - no burial, no fuss, no further money spent.

Any Thoughts - alternative suggestions ?

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