Death penalty sought for man over 2016 dagger killing at Osaka home


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Kill someone, then kill someone. Makes sense?

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Perfectly good sense to me. Execute this human scum for his crime. JUSTICE SERVED! Once again as I have said before. Your supporting capital punishment in Japan or not. I fully support hanging in Japan. Nothing personal.

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Yes, makes perfect sense. You killed someone. You somehow don't deserve the same in return?

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Just don’t kill. Both sides.

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If he’s truly schizophrenic, rather than killing him perhaps the Japanese gov’t can find out how to cure him or help him recover. Then, some jail time. Schizophrenia is a disease; we don’t kill people who are sick, we cure them. Unless, of course, you prefer killing

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Curing sick people?

Where’s the triumphalist thrill in that?

You’re spoiling the fun of the bored and the self-righteous....

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