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Death penalty to stand for woman convicted of murdering 2 men


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A bit more info.

It looked like she and her flat mate had been at it for a while, Insurance policies had been taken out on some of the dead. Police attempted to build murder cases around at least three of the six deceased, and two of these ended up being prosecuted. She was also charged with 16 other crimes, including fraud and theft, owed Yabe ¥2.7 million ($26,000 US) and Maruyama around ¥1.23 million ($12,000 US), for the purchase of electrical appliances, according to the court. Judge Noguchi said "capital punishment is unavoidable" for the perpetrator of such heinous crimes.

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" Hang 'em HIGH "

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justice is served. well done japan for removing another piece of scum from this earth

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I think she was a bit confused. The phrase is "drowning in debt" not "drowning by debtor"!

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One two three I am not disgusted at above anymore.

Death penalty was and remains barbaric method and a state-administered murder. Sending some completely imbecilic, degenerated piece of female meat-mass will not change it. But hey, no one is surprised anymore what is going on in here...

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Thanks for the info Kobe White Bar Owner.

That certainly shows far more guilt and a clear pattern of behavior.

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She showed no respect for the lives of her victims. The justice system should treat her with the same regard.

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