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The torched Kyoto Animation building in Kyoto Image: REUTERS file

Death toll from arson attack on Kyoto Animation studio rises to 36


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Those poor people.

That building was a death trap.

70+ people working inside but only one entrance-exit.

No fire exit... no way out if the single exit becomes unusable.

Are any Japanese people demanding revisions to the building fire codes to make sure this doesn't happen again?

I hope so.

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Good points but I doubt the locals are demanding anything.

If you go to a Donki store you would wonder how it could pass any fire code anywhere in the world.

I feel for the young lady and her family I really do....I have a daughter of a similar age.

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“Are any Japanese people demanding revisions to the building fire codes to make sure this doesn't happen again?”

In the absence of mandatory building safety codes, frequent inspections, and severe penalties for non-compliance, it’s a no brainer that incidents like this occur. Too many vested interests and too much shikata ga nai fatalism.

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These poor artists. The swine who did this ought to suffer to the full extent of the law.

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So sad, indeed. I am sorry that the people who survived but died recently probably had to suffer a lot until the end, too.

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Months of agony only to die in agony. Horrible.

And all over a claim of plagiarism. If you look into it, its incredible the number of people who independently come up with the same ideas for stories. The TV show "Stranger Things" is a fine example and there was a lawsuit about it. Turns out the Duffer Brothers were working on the idea LONG before this other guy made a similar movie. I had an idea for a book years ago but if I wrote it today I would be accused of plagiarizing Hunger Games. I still have no idea if there is any credence at all to his claim but its too bad he could not think of just flattening some tires or something.

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The international building code guide requires 2 exits for commerical buildings more than 2 floors or when more than 29 people per floor, or something like this. I don't remember the exact details. But local authorities can decide whether it's not to adopt the international building code. A simple $100 rope ladder attached to a window could have helped with emergency evacuation from the upper floors.

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The absolute agony this poor girls has had to endure only to pass away. How so very sad and traumatic for everyone involved or connected.

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@Bungle - fire-escapes... the only apparent one (baring the front door) was the one to the roof which mysteriously appeared locked to those who attempted to open it from the inside. And... in a fire, a roof will collapse, so I dont know which bright spark of an architect designed that building...

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