Death toll in arson attack on Kyoto anime studio rises to 35


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I understand Shinji's motives, not his actions, which are regrettable.

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If he's smart enough to know how to use a VPN to hide his tracks, the mental health argument just became weakened. He knew what he was doing and had been thinking about it for a long time. He deserves nothing less than the death penalty.

R. I. P. to all 35 victims. I hope there will be no more.

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@belrick the article makes no specific connection between Aoba and threat emails. from what i've been reading they have not linked the two. also they don't know if he used a VPN for anything (not like that is any safer, depending on the VPN they have data retention policies and logs), the only thing they said was the person who sent those emails used Tor browser, which is very different than a VPN.

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How many people were in the building, 70? I can't believe that in this day and age and in Japan no less, 35 people can die from a building fire of this size. Did they have escape plans? Drills? Was it an old building that it didn't have sprinklers? Japanese pride themselves on their buildings being seismically stronger than anywhere but, hope they also review their fire preparedness.

I work at a large firm in the US. We have fire drills like 4 times a year. If somebody burns popcorn in the microwave, we all evacuate. Are drills commonly done in Japan, too?

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Rest in Peace. This building is close to Fushimi Inari Taisha, one of the most famous shrine complex in Kyoto. They should stabilize this building and make a permanent memorial to the poor victims.

The horrible killer should be hung as soon as possible after court cases are finished.

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Such a horrible, senseless thing. May all those affected find some solace in the support that is pouring in.

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The horrible killer should be hung as soon as possible after court cases are finished.

Pretty safe bet that he gets the death penalty. But as you know in Japan they do not tell him or anybody when it is carried out. Meanwhile, I hope they go easy on any pain medication for his self-inflicted burns.

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