Decapitated head of cat found on grounds of Hokkaido elementary school


The decapitated head of a cat was found on the grounds of an elementary school in Toyako Town, Hokkaido, police said Tuesday.

According to police, a group of boys made the grisly discovery at around 4:20 p.m. Monday at Municipal Abuta Elementary School, Sankei Shimbun reported. Police are investigating the incident as a violation of the Japanese Animal Welfare Law.

Police said the remaining body parts of the cat were not found.

Police said they will strengthen neighborhood patrols and examine street surveillance camera footage to try and identify the person or persons who brought the cat's head to the school.

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Find him or her fast as this is a sign of a psycho who will more on to human, back to school season could show its a stressed out kid.

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How do you decapitate a head? Unless we are thinking of that scene from Hannibal.

But getting beyond the headline, I want to emphasize that LOTS of animals eat and "decapitate" cats, not just twisted grade school twerps. People are not the only predators, especially in "Toyako town" wherever that is.

Crows can do it, and I suspect that many a tabby has met his end in my neighborhood by being out in the open during feeding time for the raptors. They are called murders for a reason. Eagles abound these days. Foxes, tanuki, boars, dogs, bears and monkeys can snack on cats. I know for a fact that pheasants defend their nests very well against a constant onslaught of wayward stray cats. Housecats have pretty useless claws if you really think about it. In the real world, they are not far up the food chain.

As we know, Japan does a really poor job of animal (pet) control all around, so it is no surprise that there are weak strays having litters of weak strays, and some of them wind up as meat for all kinds of feral creatures. Such creatures will not eat the head, and will leave it in an open area after flying away with the tasty bits.

It is a cruel world out there. Keep your cats and dogs inside and this will not happen to them.

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Do they have criminal profilers in Japan?

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Your logic defies logic sir. Are you aware of that?

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Well, that certainly gives one pause for thought.

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There was a decapitated pigion near my train station last month.

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Wow! Find a cat's head in a school playground and everybody goes crazy, but find a woman's body in a suitcase in a locker at Tokyo station and it just slips through the news.

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As we know, Japan does a really poor job of animal (pet) control all around

We? Who are you speaking for? You aren't speaking for me. Precisely what do you have in mind in making this claim?

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Oh bullfighter

Really, i have 2 dogs and a cat all rescue. ive always had pets but never in my life have i lived in a place where they are treated like accessories so much, brought one day thrown away the next and ive lived in 7 different countries before you ask. I often visit our local animal rescue as i have in other places ive lived and to sum it up Japan is shite at animal welfare full stop.

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