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Defender in Guam crash-stabbing case seeks expert for psychiatric evaluation


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Anger directed at the world because of personal failure is not, repeat, NOT, mental illness.

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Of course he's insane.

So what?

He did it, didn't he?

If the psychs could cure him, it would be different. They can't, so the only thing to do is put him where he won't do any further harm.

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He deserves death. Guam is a typical island where people know.each other. He will live a life sentence comfortably with people are him constantly hooking him up with life's luxuries.

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Dudedeuce, you are absolutely right. I think we should put the public defender behind bars as well .

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Death or at least life imprisonment.

He's done it once and he'll do it again.

Unless he's cured.

And neither the psychs nor the prison system can do that.

But at least, a life sentence will keep him out of harm's way.

I pity his cell mate, though!

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Does Guam have the death penalty??

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Really?!!! America needs to stop thinking that the mentally disturbed gets a pass. This situation makes me sick. DudeDeuce is right btw on the comment. I lived in Guam for 10 years went to the same high school as this kid. I bet this whole situation would've been handled differently if they saw a plummet on the tourist economy. Just saying. It's also not in the Japanese people's nature to start up a protesting act. If I were there I will make sure this Ryan de Soto gets what he deserves legally or not. It makes me sick.

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