'Demon Slayer' anime studio, president indicted for tax evasion


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I am willing to bet good money, on which the taxes have been paid, that we never see a similar story about Miyazaki-san...

Gives new meaning to "Demon" and "Slayer".

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NOoooo! - This will perhaps be another ‘stain’ on Tanjiro’s face!

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*- Why now *when Japan truly needs their ‘one & only’ 2020 success?!? -

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I wonder how common is this between big studios, with hundreds and hundreds of income sources I would think the temptation to hide one or two of them would be quite strong.

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Tax evasion, corruption and financial crime in general should be legalized and made a national sport in Japan. Up until now it's a bit of a grey area, where although it's officially illegal, it's happening in plain sight everywhere and no one is doing anything about it. And to stop people's mouths, sometimes a scapegoat is chosen, he apologizes a few times, bows, takes a 20% pay cut for a few months and the public is satisfied.

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Now this is not in an Entertainment category. I knew it would be slayed.

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